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5 Most Sought-After Coworking Spaces in India

When a huge chunk of your time is spent in office cubicles every day, who wouldn’t like to leave their cubbyholes to a different place that allows one to stretch their legs? Traditional offices mean you’re on your own for food, random writing on the wall that has a vague-sense of inspiration and a coffee-machine near a money plant! If you find yourself slogging around in such a place, it’s time that you inform yourself on coworking spaces. Coworking spaces were made to make you super-productive, improve worker wellbeing and provide a cost-effective but practical space for freelancers, startups and small businesses.

Coworking spaces aren’t just some hipster working trend with nice couches and random splashes of color on the walls. It’s a well-developed concept that’s been growing for decades, and the history of coworking is quite interesting. They’re places where the latest technological amenities, comfortable yet flexible seating spaces, and the opportunity to find solutions are abundant. It’s about belonging to a community of professionals serving a range of industries. Here are some of the coworking spaces in India that are known to be the epicenter of all hustlers and go-getters:


From uber-cool interiors, to intricate designs to special workshops, hackathons, and pitching sessions, GoWork is one of the most popular coworking spaces in India. For millennials, GOWORK packs all the fun, lifestyle and collaborative hard work in one place, without any liability. According to Sudeep Singh, the CEO of GoWork, the recognition of millenial attitudes and lifestyle choices have shaped GoWork. Apart from having an ever-growing coworking crowd of entrepreneurs and freelancers, they also hold recreational events to encourage communal bond and post-work relaxation. Events like beer pong, standup comedy rounds, music therapy and more.


The X-Factor: GoWork is one of the World’s largest coworking spaces and also features Asia’s first collaborative campus, having a super-fast internet speed up to 1Gb/s (partnership with Spectra).

Their price chart includes:

  • Journeyer: ₹350/- per day
  • Tourist: ₹3,750/- per day
  • Resident: ₹6,500/- per month
  • Citizens: ₹8,250/- per month
  • Virtual Office: ₹2,500/-

Some of their structural amenities include: café, gym, brewery, crèche, modern sleeping pods, gaming zone, badminton courts and live shuttles.

  1. iSprout

What started as an initial incubation for startups, later turned into one of the most renowned coworking spaces in India. Complete with all basic amenities such as a phone booth, cleaning services, parking facilities, cafeterias, quirky design with inspiring quotes by Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs and Rabindranath Tagore. iSprout is one of the largest homegrown (Hyderabad-based) coworking spaces in India right now, with branches in Vijayawada and Chennai, with plans to expand to other metropolitans soon. The seating capacity of this enormous co-working space ranges from 200-1800 in its Hyderabad centers.


The X-Factor: iSprout has its own team mentor that provides assistance with lawyers, chartered accountants, payroll management, taxes, and other financial services for startups. Recently, they have been proud partners with big players in the IT industry like DELL and

Their Price Chart includes:

  • ₹12000/- per workstation per month for 1-10 employees
  1. Innov8

Another homegrown brand, this coworking space is one of the hottest co-working spaces and is known for its design. Dr. Ritesh Malik, the Co-founder of Innov8 says that it was the Silicon Valley coworking scene that inspired him to build something similar back in India. According to reports, Innov8 is a one-of-a-kind coworking space that looks deeply into the local real estate market and therefore thrives on strong logistics. Located right in the heart of the world’s sixth most expensive office market space, i.e. Connaught Place in New Delhi, and several other cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, Innov8 has sincerely been the breeding spot for several leaders, mentors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. From solar power industries to someone who manages social media channels for the Prime Minister of India, Innov8 houses both employees and freelancers together. The amenities include personalized workstations, terrace working arrangements, recreational cafés, modern Bristol furniture, pinewood meeting rooms, lightning-fast internet, ideation room, nap room, Xbox gaming zone, ping pong table, foosball, library, and a rooftop area.

The X-Factor: The biggest advantage of Innov8 is its location in the heart of the Indian metros and the ability to build an ecosystem of ideas.

Their packages include:

₹8,000/- to ₹20,000/- per month per individual, location dependent.

  1. 91springboard

91springboard is known for its vibrant community events and workshops led by industry leaders. Pranay Gupta, the cofounder of 91Springboard says that these workshop and mentor hours help build community and upskills entrepreneurs and freelancers working in their space. Such workshops are really handy for startups and SMEs as they can learn and network simultaneously. 91springboard is one of the rare coworking spaces in India that stays active 24X7. Amenities include 24/7 professional security, power backup, Springboard emails, comfy workspaces, photocopying, printing, housekeeping, company registration documentation, an elaborate list of service providers, cafés and superfast WiFi. Located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.


The X-Factor: 91Springboard organizes up to 350 events per month across their 26 coworking spaces in India. These events cover a range of topics such as basic presentations regarding Microsoft Office to complex concepts such as public speaking, 3D printing, and digital marketing. All 91springboard coworking spaces are 24/7 operational.

Their price packages are:

  • For students (3 months) the packages can start from ₹4,999/- per month.
  • For part-timers (flexible timings), the packages start from ₹7,499/- per month.
  • For full-timers (day pass for daytimers and batman pass for night workers), the packages can start from ₹10,999/- per month.
  • And if you’re a visitor for a day, the charges are ₹549/- per head.
  1. Cowrks

While every other coworking space is about creating the perfect place for startups, this coworking space steps up the technology to transform the coworking ambiance entirely. Housing an in-house team of experts, Cowrks analyzes data conerning various demographics across India to help themselves plan the best places for expansion. Furthermore, they use further data analysis to know how their space is used during peak hours and non-peak hours so they can optimize their space for their members. That’s some overwhelming attention to detail. Packed with fortune 500 companies employees, entrepreneurs and startup founders: Cowrks provides the perfect platform to showcase their brand and promote knowledge sharing by launching programs like ‘The Cowrks Foundry,’ a 24-week activity that provides supervision and assistance to early startups. Cowrks has more than 1.5 million sq. ft. area of coworking spaces in the cities of Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Chennai. The amenities which come with this place can help you know the stark differences between this modern, techno coworking space and its competitors. It includes an infinity pool, entertainment unit, virtual assistant, fuel bars (café),  phone and discussion booths, wifi, parking facilities, event space and communal lounges.


The X-Factor: includes exclusive access to its personalized app ‘Cowrks Connect.’ This helps members across the world come together and form an international community. Booking and visitor tracking is done on a sophisticated, self-developed database management system. It is also accessible 24/7.

The Price Package of this coworking space varies entirely on locations and the amenities one chooses.


While the coworking spaces concept in India is booming, data shows the concept would transform the working culture over the next five years. Notably, coworking spaces are preferred by big players like Amazon and Dell even in India. As the competition rises, coworking spaces strive to become more unique, modern and flexible. This actually merges boundaries between prominent entrepreneurs and freelancers to come together and work collaboratively towards a promising future ahead.

If you’re in Kolkata and are looking for a coworking space, we’d highly recommend Zioks’ coworking space which is opening soon. Located right in the IT-hub of Sector-5, Zioks is engineered to provide amenities well-suited for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even large businesses.

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