5 things to understand about IVF treatment

IVF treatment is a significant medical and personal decision that a couple makes. Though times have changed significantly since yesteryears, changing lifestyles and the scope of unexpected complications turn people skeptical anyway. Any best IVF doctor in Delhi would say- “IVF treatment involves plenty of persistence and commitment to overcome emotional and physical challenges.” To ensure it does not discourage you, we bring to you some things that you need to observe for a smooth IVF procedure.

  • The number of IVF cycles is not fixed:

Some people report unsuccessful IVF procedures even after repeated attempts. While the reasons for the same may be numerous including cervical stenosis, age and ovarian response, this draws us to the fact that the number of cycles one needs to endure before success is uncertain. Some women are successful on the 1st cycle itself. Some may need 4 or 5 cycles. Some underwent even 11 cycles to bear a child. On average, it takes 3 IVF cycles to give birth to a baby.

  • Considering financial investment

While considering infertility treatment in Delhi or any other metro city, prepare an estimate of your budget. You must also consider the possibility of failure in the treatment. Medical insurance does not generally cover IVF expenses. In this case, you can look for IVF clinics that offer to finance.

  • Fresh v. Frozen eggs

There are many reasons to consider using frozen eggs or embryos. Recent studies reflect that frozen eggs are just as viable as fresh ones.  With frozen eggs, the donor has already completed her donation cycle, giving her time to heal and boost the chances of success. The doctor need not rely on the donor’s response to stimulation and be concerned about the number of eggs that will be available. Shorter timescales of treatment and cheap treatment has also increased their popularity.

  • Don’t crib about the side effects of IVF shots

The IVF experts say that IVF shots may invite some uncomfortable side effects like breast tenderness and abdominal bloating. It may also cause bruising in the stomach and thighs. Please note that it is not severe and would persist for two weeks or a little less or more. Now we know why they say you need to bear something to gain something better!

  • Legal compliances

There are certain legal compliances prescribed by the Government concerning IVF treatment. Before finalising the IVF clinic, the couple must ensure the clinic is controlled, listed and managed by the State Accreditation Authority for carrying out any treatment involving the use of gametes that have been processed for IVF, except AIH, and for IUI by level 1A clinics who do not deal with the gametes themselves or infertility treatment that involves the creation or use of embryos outside the body, stores or processes embryos and conducts research on human embryos.

Thus, it becomes necessary to assess the financial, health and legal factors well before opting for IVF treatment. Try talking to the best IVF doctor in Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore before you make your choice.

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