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6 Ways of Upgrading Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is a great alternative to add home value. It is also capable of bringing a new life into the structure of your kitchen. Apparently, kitchens go through a lot of tears and wear. This is because they deal with the accumulation of oil and grease, among other components. Some of these components are difficult to deal with.

Whether your kitchen has a linoleum flooring or it’s a fixer-upper from many years ago, it might be high time to update your kitchen. With new trends showing creative uses of modern appliances, functional designs, and colors, there are many ways to completely transform your kitchen. Some of these ways include the following:

  1. Plan Early for Updates

In case you are planning to upgrade to a heavier duty appliance, be ready to account for an extra ventilation requirement. You may need moisture or fumes to vent directly outside your house.

If you are also not sure your fans are strong enough, consider the tissue test. Fans, which are in good condition, will firmly hold the tissue in place.

  1. Replace Doors of the Cabinets

Upper cabinets will make your kitchen feel a bit claustrophobic, though an extra storage space may be perfect for collectors.

To freshen up your kitchen, you may consider replacing solid cabinet doors with a glass-paned front.

  1. Open up the Walls

By completely removing your upper cabinetry, you will change your kitchen. This way, your kitchen will be lighter, more functional, and modern.

Open-shelving is an excellent way to showcase stacks of the dishes you use along with other items, including fresh herbs, serving platters, and cookbooks.

  1. Consider Painting

Painting the walls and cabinets of your kitchen might be a bit of work, though it is amazingly affordable. If you are DIY, some elbow grease and a can of paint are the only things that will cost you.

Whether you prefer a soft dove gray or dramatic black color, a few coats of paint from a reliable distributor, such as Promain, will absolutely change the appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Get New Faucets

Stylish faucets are major updates for any kitchen and simple to install since they don’t need you to cut plumbing joints or pipes. Touchless products have been there for many years now, but due to the global pandemic, the ability to maintain hygiene has become very important for kitchens.

Hands-free fixtures are now getting more attention as the best products for the kitchen, allowing you to prevent dangerous viruses or bacteria from spreading.

  1. Change Lighting Fixtures

Although appliances normally take center stage, homebuyers and guests also notice minor details, like lighting fixtures in the kitchen. If your lighting fixture is too outdated or harsh, it will have a big effect on your kitchen’s general appearance.

Consider replacing outdated fixtures with modern ones. From puck to LED strip lights, changing lighting fixtures is a good way to upgrade your kitchen.

In Conclusion!

Upgrading your kitchen will make it pleasant and increase the value of your house. However, depending on what you want to achieve, it’s important to note that some kitchen upgrades will translate into more ROI when compared to others.

Therefore, before taking any upgrade project, be sure you determine factors like cost, results, and time.

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