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7 Things to Make a Relationship Last

The past year has been tough on relationships. Couples who were used to seeing each other on the evenings and weekends suddenly found themselves vying for office space at the kitchen table and staring at each other throughout the day. Working from home and dealing with quarantines has been tough even for the most committed couples. People have reported being short with each other, having a hard time dealing with the lack of space, and other challenges brought on by the pandemic.

If you’re feeling the stress of Covid-19 on your relationship, it’s time to get back to the basics. The new normal we’re all living in right now requires some adjustments to restore equilibrium in our intimate relationships. If you’re interested in creative ways to make your relationship last, follow these 7 tips to make things work.

Give Each Other Some Space

Personal space is so important to any healthy relationship. While spending every waking moment with each other can be fun at the beginning during the infatuation stage, eventually that shine wears off and you crave some alone time. Everyone needs time alone to recenter. If you’re working from home all day with your partner, it’s up to you two to carve out space and time alone. Don’t work in the same room and take separate walks outside or trips to the store. Make room for your partner as well to give them the space they need to refresh. You’ll see an improvement in your interactions as a result.

Be Quick to Apologize

Saying, “I’m sorry” fast and early is key to any long-term relationship. It’s vital to recognize that, in the grand scheme of things, assigning blame or guilt for real or perceived slights is no big deal. Instead, saying sorry quickly and early in any disagreement will allow the both of you to just get over whatever is standing in the way of positive feelings.

Perform Acts of Service

Doing nice things for your partner is a wonderful expression of love. It lets them know you’re thinking of them and have their best interests in mind. Acts of service don’t have to be elaborate plans or ornate gifts. Even the small things can have a big positive impact on your relationship. Spend some time to find out what’s important to your partner and center your acts of service around those things. They notice and, hopefully, will start to reciprocate. Ultimately, you will find yourselves in a rotating pattern of serving each other and making each other feel loved.

Have Great Sex

Fulfilling sex life will keep your relationship going strong. In many relationships, sex starts great and quickly tapers off. The best relationships maintain a focus on a healthy sex life for years and even decades. Have sex a lot, and have good sex. Quality is just as important as quantity here. Also, have frank talks with your partner about sexual desires. Make sure both of you are getting what you want out of your intimacy. Sexual frustrations are one of the leading causes of conflict in relationships. Keep open lines of communication to avoid any issues.

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Seek Help When Necessary

If you run into trouble and you’re both still committed to the relationship, don’t be afraid to seek help. A relationship counselor can walk you through road bumps so both of you can become better loves and partners. There are a lot of virtual therapy options available to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Find Common Interests

You need to find ways to stay connected as a couple once the honeymoon phase is over. That happens by finding common interests and pursuing them together. Find courses you can both take. It can also be as simple as finding shows you both love to watch together. Establish common hobbies that will keep you connected for years.

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