8 Important Things to Look for in a Professional Painting Quote

Painting your space is a sure way to kickstart the new year on a fresh and positive note. If you are sceptical about trying wall painting at home by yourself and have decided to hire professional help, then kudos to you.

While you have already won half the battle by deciding to seek professional help, the real struggle begins when you are calling up contractors and asking for quotes. What should a perfect quote include? How do you hire the best contractor to do up your dream house? Keep reading to find out 8 key things you must look for in a painting quote.

  1. Free quotation 

Before you get into the details of a painting quotation, you must get free quotes from different contractors. Never pay to get a quotation as a good contractor understands that it is not practical for you to pay for quotes as you will be gathering multiple quotes before you narrow down a handful of them.

  1. Site visitation 

If a contractor is giving you a quote without bothering to visit your home and take measurements, then it means that he is not serious about his work. Choose a company that comes for a site visit before they give you a tailored quote that fits your requirement and your budget.

  1. Professionalism 

You can to some extent make a judgement of how the wall painting at your home will turn out to be by paying attention to the contractor and the painting company’s attitude. How is their customer service? Do they seem interested and are they following up regularly? If the contractor didn’t show up for the site visitation without giving a prior intimation or he casually showed up an hour late, then take that as a red flag and run for the hills.

  1. Do a vibe check

Is the contractor transparent about all the expenses? You must choose a painting company that is good at communicating with its clients. Pay attention to the contractor when he comes to visit your home and do a vibe check before you sign him up.

  1. Written quotation 

It is important that the quote includes the name of the contractor or the painting company and is either on paper or email. Make sure that the recipient is a credible and legal painting firm. This will serve as proof that you paid for their services, if tomorrow the workers show up at your doorstep demanding their money. Don’t go ahead with a quote written in sloppy handwriting at the backside of a paper or a business card.

  1. Detailed quote

There is no scope for vagueness in a painting quotation. Make sure that the contractor includes everything right from the paint cost, exact product names, tools used, number of coats, number of workers, their work hours, guarantee and estimated time within which they will complete your house. Along with this, look for the preparatory cost that includes cleaning, smoothening, and patching up dents on a wall and the post- painting cleanup cost. Remember to ask them to include all the taxes in the quote so that you don’t get a shock on the last day.

  1. Repair cost 

Many contractors fool their clients by not including repair costs in the quote and then coming up with a separate bill each time they come across any damage while painting that needs repair. So, make sure to ask how your contractor will go about with repair costs.

  1. Proof of insurance 

Before you go ahead with a painting company, make sure that they have valid insurance. Don’t choose a contractor that doesn’t provide his workers with insurance.

With Asian Paints Safe Painting Service, you can be assured that you will get the best painting quotation that mentions every detail you could ever ask for.

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