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8 low-cost kitchen cabinets ideas

The kitchen cabinets are very essential to create sufficient storage. You get lots of options while choosing kitchen cabinets for your home. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any option you want. However, you will have to be careful about the expenses if you do not have a big budget. This is because a lot of options can be very expensive. It does not mean you cannot create great kitchen cabinets. There are lots of low budget kitchen design  and similar cabinet ideas you can consider for your home. For instance, you can reduce your expenses by opting for prefabricated cabinets instead of custom design cabinets. If you are not sure about how to reduce your expenses while choosing your kitchen cabinets, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 06 Carefully decide the door styles

The cabinet doors hugely impact your cabinets’ look. You should think about the type of cabinet door you want before visiting your local store. Keep in mind that your first priority is saving money. However, do not get fixated on just one style. Instead, choose a few different low budget kitchen design and cheap cabinet designs and compare their cost. Always remember that the door style has a huge impact on the overall cost of the cabinets. If you choose options like raised panel and inset door styles, the overall expense will be quite high. Comparatively, shaker-style doors prove to be quite budget-friendly. However, its price can hugely vary depending on the manufacturer.

02 of 06 Choose open shelving instead of wall cabinets

Cabinets are great for storage. However, they are quite heavy and occupy more space compared to shelves. Shelves are a great idea for people looking for affordable storage options in the kitchen decor. This is because they do not require additional doors and back covers. You can use them to store anything you want as well. Moreover, shelves offer easy access as there are no doors blocking your view. This also helps in making the interiors appear more spacious. However, there is one thing you must remember. Items stored on the shelves have to be cleaned frequently. Since there are no doors blocking the dust or smoke, the stored items can get dirty easily.

03 of 06 Carefully select the wood species

People love using wood in kitchen decor because it adds an elegant feel to the interiors. You can give a luxurious touch to any space using wood. However, you will have to be careful while choosing wood for your cabinets. This is because there are various variants of wood and some of them are very expensive. If you choose an expensive material, it can easily increase your expense 3 to 4 times. By opting for an affordable option, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing on the look. One of the most popular affordable options is Oak. Variants such as maple and cherry are quite expensive.

04 of 06 Do not go for fancy options like soft-close drawers and full-extension slides

There are many fancy features that you can choose for your cabinets. Although they might seem very appealing, opting for such options is not a good idea. This is because they can increase your expenses significantly by enhancing the functionality of the space. Commonly chosen upgrades for low budget kitchen design and low-cost cabinets include soft-close drawers and full-extension slides. These are just features that actually do not have a huge impact on your cabinet functionality. If you feel that the cabinets can get damaged over time due to repeated use, you can get door pulls. Compared to other options, they will be more affordable.

05 of 06 Keep customisation limited

Customised cabinets are great for the kitchen. They help to enhance the functionality of the space and make it more appealing. However, it has a huge toll on the expenses as well. This is because the more details you add to your kitchen cabinets, the higher will be the cost. Even though options like corbels, decorative legs, glass doors, crown moulding, etc. are quite popular, they can increase the overall expenses significantly. However, this does not mean you cannot make your kitchen cabinets appear appealing. Instead of opting for a lot of details, you can keep yourself limited to just one or two. For instance, if you spend on decorative legs, you will have to sacrifice other things like crown moulding, pullouts, etc.

06 of 06 The paint should not have a glaze

Many people love the glaze because it makes the space more appealing. However, you should prevent yourself from getting the glaze. This is because choosing a glaze can increase the cost of kitchen cabinets significantly. Since this addition does not have any impact on the functionality and only enhances the look, you should avoid it.

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