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8 Quick Tips for Picking a Perfect Hue for Your Home 

Are you deciding on a colour scheme for your new home? It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the countless colour palettes available in paint stores these days. How to tackle your colour dilemma and choose the perfect hue for your home?

Pause and reflect on the colours that spark joy in you and the ones which you catch yourself often gravitating towards. It is no secret that your wall colours affect your mood. Hence, you must choose colours for your space that make you feel inspired and happy.

Read along to get 8 simple tips that will help you choose the perfect colour palette for your home interior.

Keep in mind the vibe 

Your wall colours will significantly affect the vibe of your room. Hence, you must know what kind of vibe or mood you want your room to have before you decide on the colours. If you want your space to radiate happiness and warmth, you can opt for bright hues like yellow and orange, whereas if you want your space to radiate a calm and grounding vibe then colours like green, blue and earthy tones like olive green and terracotta will do the job. Asian Paints is one of the best home painting services to choose for your new home as they help you in every step of building your sanctuary.

Pay attention to the size of the room

The size of a room is an important factor to consider while choosing a wall paint for a room. You can give an illusion of space and make your tiny rooms appear spacious by using bright colours. Similarly, you can make large rooms appear cosy and intimate by painting them in dark colours like plum, hunter green, black and dark grey.

Decide on a colour theme 

If you don’t want your wall colours to clash or look all over the place, you must decide on a colour theme for your entire home and stick to it. We would recommend you select 3-4 colours and use them in different proportions and saturations throughout your home. A pro home painting service tip is to not use more than 3 colours for a room as it will make your space look complex and disorienting for your guests.

Have fun with your neutrals 

Who says that neutral means boring? Painting contractors are now ditching the traditional neutral colour palettes and going for muted and neutral colours which are refreshing yet minimalistic. We are talking about hues like sage green, pale yellow, sage grey, lilac etc. These colours are not eye-popping yet they instantly make your space look chic and lively.

Keep in mind your furniture 

You can take inspiration from your existing furniture to decide the wall colours you want to go for. For example, if you have an upholstered zebra-printed couch in your living room, then you can choose muted hues like sage green, pale cream etc which will let the couch remain the showstopper of your living room.

Pay attention to the existing décor elements 

We are talking about the fabrics and the artwork in the room. Do you love the print on your cushions or the eclectic rug that you got on a trip to Turkey? Why not take inspiration from these décor elements and pick wall colours which will complement them?

Sample before committing 

We cannot put enough emphasis on this. It is a nonnegotiable that you tell your painting contractor to test the paints you have picked up on your walls before they start the painting work. This will help you see how the colour looks on ysour walls, does it complement your furniture and how it looks with natural light and artificial light.

Take inspiration from the outside 

Why not take inspiration from the landscape outside your home? If you are deciding on wall colours for your lake house, you can go for colours which will complement the water body around your property. Similarly, if you are painting your beach house, you can go for aqua, hot pink, yellow, orange and other hues which will complement the palm trees and the sea.

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