A Guide to Maintain Your Dubia Roach Colony

It is highly recommended to start your own Dubia roach colony. Generally, people develop an allergy while growing Dubia roaches with too much handling and constant exposure. You might save some money, but it is not worth it.

Dubia roaches should be handled in a well-ventilated room. You should wear gloves and a respirator to reduce the chances of developing an allergy. However, some pet food sellers such as https://www.topflightdubia.com/dubia-roach-colony offer high-quality air filtration and ventilation system to preserve quality.

Once you buy them though, Dubia roaches are very easy to maintain. Feeders can live for weeks or months in a dark room with just a little food and moisture. However, they’re bare-bones survival, so you need just a bit more knowledge and effort in taking care of them.


It is essential to keep Dubia roaches in a container with smooth sides so they do not come out of it easily. Generally, they do not climb up, but they might use rough-surfaced walls as toeholds and reach the enclosure’s top. Many different types of plastic storage containers are available in the market, or you can make one for them. You can also choose a glass aquarium with screen covers.

If you’re using plastic tubs, then cut a hole in the cover, at least 6″*6″, and put hot-glue vinyl mess over the ventilation opening.

Dubia roaches also need space to stand and hide. Thus, you can use cardboard egg crate flats as it comes with the most surface area per square inch. Stack egg crate flats vertically so that Dubia roaches dropping falls to the bottom of the enclosure.

Heat and Humidity

Humidity is essential to Dubia roaches. Although they can survive at room temperature, they require an adequate temperature of 90-95 F and nearly 60% humidity to breed successfully. If any area of your home has that required temperature, there is no need for an additional heat source. However, if heat is needed, it is best to use a ceramic heat emitter, an Under Tank Heater (UTH), or a coated heat cable.

Note that as your roaches grow, they will moult. So, proper humidity for moulting is essential. Cockroaches may lose their lives because of poor moult.

Food and Water

Good nutrition results in healthy Dubia roaches and healthy roaches provide adequate nutrition to the animals that feed on them. They can quickly eat various dry fruits, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas, and any commercial food available from the sellers like https://www.topflightdubia.com/dubia-roach-colony. You should offer fruits and vegetables at least once a week. Do not forget to clean out food that is not eaten after 48 hours to avoid mould outbreaks.

For providing water to Dubia roaches:

  1. Use a polymer-based material that holds water as it minimizes the chances of the roaches drowning.
  2. Separate food and water bowls so the food doesn’t get mouldy and wet.


Dubia roaches produce dry dropping called “frass.” It sounds awful, but they also use it as a beneficial food source. Thus, it is recommended to clean the tub every 1-2 weeks to reduce frass and exoskeletons’ build-up. It is also recommended to have some extra precautions while cleaning. You can wear rubber gloves and clean the tub. Remove anything that remains at the bottom of the enclosure and transfer remaining roaches.

Materials Required For Roach Care

  • Aquarium or plastic tub
  • Enclosure cover
  • Egg crate flats
  • Roach food
  • Ceramic heat emitter or UTH
  • Water crystals
  • Extra enclosure while cleaning

As an animal enthusiast, it is very satisfying to breed Dubia roaches for animal consumption. There are some things, without which your roaches cannot live, but once their basic needs are met, then any step you take to support their psychological needs will help them in boosting their health. Remember, healthy feeders are nutritious feeders.

Decide what you want from your roaches, and then act accordingly. This guide will surely help you to accomplish your goals.

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