Artificial intelligence for business and ordinary purposes 

According to the scientists’ forecast, the acceleration of technological and scientific development will be multiplied several times a year in the future and several times a month later. Let’s check how AI technologies will be developed in the article below. 

What is the use of artificial intelligence?

AI is actively developing and becoming more and more accessible to businesses and ordinary users. The author uses AI to create images and help with writing articles. But artificial intelligence can do much more. Therefore, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other companies invest billions of dollars in research and development.

Artificial intelligence can use huge volumes of data, take into account all influencing factors, and quickly issue well-thought-out and correct decisions. It has access to the functions of the human brain, such as memory, thinking, learning ability, analysis, creativity, etc. According to this logic, there must also be a discovery that will surpass everything that was previously known to mankind – and this will fundamentally change the course of the development of civilization.

Is it possible to create nude images using an AI photo generator?

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