Child Molestation Cases: Defense Against false Accusation

Victims have filed several child molestation accusation cases against individuals, organizations, and even institutions in the last decade.  Many organizations are supposed to cater to children’s needs and ensure they are in a safe environment.  When it comes to such situations, the main issue is that people do not know how to handle them effectively. Furthermore, the offender may face brutal charges, fining, and imprisonment. There are situations where someone is falsely charged with child molestation and needs a defense counsel or attorney.  It is advisable to look for a child molestation lawyer or an expert with experience handling such legal issues on a child molestation case when one is charged falsely.

Accusations such as sexually abusing a child are grave since the penalties are usually extensive. Most law firms with child molestation lawyers work with the accused to ensure that their rights, liberties, and reputations get protected throughout the entire case process. Such cases are usually sensitive, and one may get charged based on rumors and not evidence. Strong feelings accompany the cases. An experienced lawyer or a defense expert is usually needed immediately in such situations to intervene.

Charges on child molestation are classified in three degrees.

First degree

The first degree is the most serious charge with very severe penalties. It involves a sexual assault accusation on a child less than 12 years. The offender is usually three years older than the victim.

Second Degree

A charge is considered second degree when the child is older than 12 years but not yet at 14 years. The offender is similarly supposed to be three years older than the victim.


This charge has less severe penalties but is still considered a serious offense. The accused should be four years older than the victim, and the victim is less than 14 years of age. They should also not be married to each other.

Defending Clients with Child Molestation Charges

The process of defending a client accused of child molestation requires a vigorous and intelligent lawyer. Winning such a case is not a walkover. The process requires comprehensive scrutiny of the child’s testimony and relating it to the regulations in place. The prosecuting team interviewers are keenly evaluated to ensure that the testimony is not biased. Forensics interviewers and psychologists may also be involved during the testimony review to ensure no suggestive actions or instances.


Everyone usually stands a chance of being innocent until proven guilty. However, many charges against child sex offenders are typically severe, and it is only fair that they are tried relatively before concluding they committed the offense. The type of defense lawyers needed for such situations should be experienced and be experts in this field. The defense process must be vigorous since the cases are usually emotional, and the court hearing has many strong emotions. Hiring a good defense lawyer is very crucial in winning a false accusation on child sexual assault.

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