Common Types of Semi-Truck Accidents You Need To Know

Semi-trucks are vehicles that are used to carry goods. These trucks contain a cabin and a tractor behind that carries the goods. Semi-truck accidents can be fatal if the drivers are not following the specific driving guidelines. These accidents generally result in property damage, injuries, and worst – death. All truck drivers must hire truck crash lawyers who can provide proper assistance in such accidents.

Types of Semi-Truck Accidents

Different types of semi-truck accidents differ according to the vehicles and the mode of the accident. It is important to learn different types of accidents and seek the right legal assistance for each. Here are a few major types of semi-truck accidents:

Head-on Crashes

As the name suggests, this type of accident happens when the truck loses control and crosses over the line into the traffic. In the majority of scenarios, the driver does not have the time or opportunity to avoid the crash thus resulting in a sharp turn. Tire blowouts are the major cause of such accidents. Injuries in these accidents are always fatal.

Rear-End Crashes

It is always advised to maintain a certain distance away from other vehicles while driving semi-trucks in order to avoid the crashes. The semi-truck needs some time to react to the vehicles in the front. So, the vehicles at the rear end must maintain a proper distance. In the absence of such precautionary measures, rear end crashes happen. This type of accident happens in two cases when the driver is tailgating the front vehicle or being distracted.

Side Crashes

These are also called broadside collisions or T-bone collisions that happen on the intersection. When the full force is exerted on the truck’s side, the impact can be extremely catastrophic, leading to death. Distracted truck drivers or drivers hurrying to cross the red-light lead to such cases. These accidents are not common as the others because the chances are low since it is hard  to get such speed on the intersection.

Jack-knife Accidents

The cabin and trailer of the semi-truck are attached at a point called the hinge. When the driver puts sudden brakes or continuously uses the Jake brake, it causes the trailer to skid and comes perpendicular to the cabin. The name of this semi-truck accident comes from the jack-knife that attaches the cabin and trailer together. These accidents can also lead to other collisions as well. Proper vigilance has to be provided while applying the brake on the road.

Rollover Crashes

In semi-truck crashes, passengers are the most injured than the drivers. But in rollover crashes, everyone in the truck faces the fear of death. It occurs when the driver loses control of the vehicles caused due to tire blowout or over speeding around the corners. The entire truck will rollover causing fatal injuries and even death.

These were some of the common semi-truck accidents that you need to learn about. Seeking assistance from a personal injury lawyer or a truck accident attorney is the best way to safeguard your interests after such fatal accidents.

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