Direct and cheap flights to Bangalore from all over the world:

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru is one of the Prime locations in South India. It is contemporary and is a fast growing place in terms of real estate development, IT industry, corporates etc. A number of multinational companies have set up their offices in Bangalore to grow on par with the city. Bangalore apart from known as the garden city of India is not being known for its multinational corporations and many people migrate to this city in search of a job and for the pleasant climate that is prevalent in this city.

Air transport to Bangalore:

As discussed earlier, Bangalore is known as diverse employment opportunities and many young people migrate to this city in search of new jobs. For working executives and professionals, who wish to save a lot of time in commuting, air transport is the only viable means of transportation. There are a number of direct flights to Bangalore from different parts of the country to ease people in their transportation problems. Let us have a look at the domestic travel profile to reach Bangalore city from different parts of India.

Flights from Kolkata from Bangalore: There are a number of domestic carries that ply on this route that includes GoAir, Air India, Indigo, Jet airways, spice jet etc. There are more than fifty-two domestic flights that ply on this route every day, rendering people a lot of choices. Without any stop overs, the average flying time between Kolkata and Bangalore is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. For those from Kolkata wanting to travel to Bangalore can choose to book online and save a lot of money by making use of discount coupons and promo codes.

Flights from Delhi to Bangalore: The domestic airlines that are predominant in this route include jet airways, air India, jet connect, jet lite, Air Asia, Vistara etc. Every day there are 129 flights that operate on this route and it takes just 2 hours 35 minutes to reach this city from Delhi.

Flights from Pune to Bangalore: There are more than 25 flights that operate on this route and the domestic carries that fly in this route frequently are Go Air, Jet Airways, Air India and Spice Jet. The average flight time between the cities is 1 hour and 23 minutes, during which a distance of about 730 km is covered.

Flights from Chennai to Bangalore: The average flight time from Chennai to Bangalore is about an hour and there are more than 150 flights between these two cities, and 5 direct flights.

Flights from Mumbai to Bangalore: The airlines that ply in this route are Jet Konnect, Air India, Jet Airways, Jetlite, Air Asia, Vistara. There are about 92 flights that fly between the two cities every day. The air distance between these two cities is between 840 kilometers. There are more than 35 non-stop flights in this route and there are a number of connecting flights as well. It is possible to reach Bangalore from Mumbai is less than 2 hours.

International flights to Bangalore:

Bangalore is the business capital of India. A number of executives thus keep travelling from to and fro the city for their business needs. A number of international carries also connect Bangalore to other major cities across the globe. There are flights from,

  • New York to Bangalore
  • Hong Kong to Bangalore
  • Flights from Singapore to Bangalore
  • Flights from London to Bangalore

Before booking any flights, be it domestic or international to Bangalore, it is important to check the flight’s schedules carefully. And it is equally important to check for cheap airfare to Bengaluru, with the help of cheap discount coupons and promotional vouchers.

Booking cheap flight tickets to Bangalore:

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Final words:

It is always a wise idea to look online for promotional codes and discount vouchers before booking an online ticket so as to save a good deal of money every time with flight ticket booking.

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