Ear Care – Its Importance And The Products You Can Use

Ear hygiene is one of the most crucial habits to adopt for everyone. But it is often overlooked until a problem occurs. While we forget to clean our ears, excess ear wax and dirt can accumulate over time. Wax or cerumen cleans your ear, but excess wax may cause more damage without treatment. Too much ear wax will impact your hearing. Apart from this, you may feel a pinching ache, possibly an odor from the infection, and a ringing sensation in your ear. Since the ear is a susceptible part of the body, the first step to prevent any problem, minor or major, is to clean or visit your ENT for a safer check.

In general, people use many products to clean their ears. It can range from small clothes, earbuds, and even bobby pins. However, it is to note that these items may harm your eardrums. Hence, it is highly recommended to avoid using anything small or pointy. In addition to cleaning, using specific ear care products will fare better for your ears hygiene and you.

Ear Care Product You Should Use

The safest way to clean your ear is to visit your doctor. But understanding that we’re all running on a tight schedule, it may not always be possible. Sometimes learning and doing it yourself may work out as well. However, it is crucial to use the right ear care product to prevent any damage.

Here are some of the best ear care products you can safely use –

  • SENSES™ Natural Ear Mist

The outer ear is a place where no one can look at themselves. Present products are also very difficult to use to get into the ear canal. SENESE ear mist lets you quickly add organic coconut oils to your outer ear to help clean and moisturize your ear.

  • Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System (Doctor Easy)

Elephant Ear Washer is an ear wax remover for people of all ages. It is one of the best remedies available in the market for the safe removal of ear wax. The product comes in a bottle with three replacement tips. One positive point about this product is the user can regulate the amount of pressure needed for the ear wax.

  • BOCOO Ear Wax Remover

          BOCOO is another reliable tool when it comes to removing ear wax. Moreover, it is easy to use and works effectively in cleaning the wax out of your ears. Therefore, the highlight of this quality product is that it comes along with a simple functioning system.

  • Debrox Drops Removal Aid Kit

Instead of using products with pressure pumps, you can also opt for ear wax softeners. Debrox drops are safe for anyone to use. The way it works is simple and safe. Though it may take overnight for the wax to soften, the product does the job. ENT specialists highly recommend Debrox for softening ear wax before the removal process.

  • Ear Pick and Cleansing Tool

If you’re looking for a safe and economical way to clean your ear, ear picks do the trick. While the product itself might not look as much, its ergonomic design works wonders, especially in the initial stages of ear wax. Most ear picks are made for high-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean after use.

However, because the product is made of steel, it is recommended to be alert when using it.

  • Doctor Easy Ph Conditioned Ear Wash System

Another Doctor Easy product that is highly effective for the irrigation of ear wax is its ear wash. It is a reliable product for quick and easy cleaning of your ears at home. There have been little to no complaints about the product. Over the years, the Ph wash proves to work with good results. The product is pricey but worth it.

Tips To Safe Ear Protection

Besides dust, dirt, and wax, our ears require additional care to avoid any damage that may lead to hearing loss.

Here are some tips for you to protect your ears for the years to come –

  • Nothing smaller than a washcloth around your finger should enter your ear. Smaller objects can damage eardrums and push wax inside, causing impaction.
  • Avoid listening to music on earphones. Always ensure you take a break from continuous loud music.
  • Always remove water from your ears after swimming or bathing by tilting your head. The water inside your ears can cause an infection known as a swimmer’s ear.
  • Always visit your ENT in case of a sudden blockage, swelling, or pain. Most times, your ear may be indicating a bigger problem.


Ears are critical to one and all. Ears will rarely give you problems provided the right care is given to them. Therefore, keeping them healthy, clean and using safe ear care products is essential. The bottom line is to visit your doctor as regularly as you visit your dentist.

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