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Explain About Emergency Assistance Cover in Online Insurance for Bike

Insurance companies offer a variety of add-ons with their policies. Add-ons provide a policyholder with additional benefits that are not covered in the regular policy. A person can choose to buy these add-ons by paying extra premium. One of the most important add-ons that every bike owner must consider is emergency assistance cover. With this cover, a policyholder can receive support in case of an accident or motor breakdown.

In this article, we will explain what emergency assistance cover is and its benefits.

What will be the first thing a bike driver does in case his/her vehicle malfunctions in the middle of the road? Most riders will either look for a nearby garage or call up a mechanic they know. But what if both the options aren’t available? In such a situation, emergency assistance cover can be extremely beneficial.

Under this benefit, a policyholder will receive assistance if his/her bike breaks down. In order to avail assistance, a policyholder needs to call the insurer.

The instances of road accidents and mechanical failures have increased substantially in the past few years. Therefore, the need to purchase add-ons like emergency assistance cover has also increased. This cover provides assistance while driving anywhere in India.

Here are a few benefits that emergency assistance cover offers-

  • Towing Service

In case of an accident or mechanical breakdown, a policyholder can call the insurer to get his/her bike towed to the nearest garage.

  • Minor Repairs

If a policyholder’s bike breaks down because of a minor mechanical fault, then the insurer can send a mechanic to repair the vehicle.

  • Tyre Change

If the tyre of an insured person’s bike bursts or punctures, then the insurer can send a mechanic to repair the puncture or replace the tyre. Furthermore, if both the options aren’t possible, then the insurance provider can get the vehicle towed to the nearest service centre.

  • Fuel Delivery

A policyholder can call for assistance in case his/her bike runs out of fuel. The insurer can provide the bike driver with fuel at his/her location.

  • Spare Key

This is another crucial benefit that emergency assistance cover offers. A policyholder doesn’t have to worry in case he/she loses the keys to the bike. The insurer will provide him/her with a spare key.

  • Accommodation

In case a policyholder’s bike is going to take a long time to repair, the insurer can arrange accommodation for the bike driver.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Emergency Assistance Cover

In case of unforeseen events like a mechanical breakdown or accident, emergency assistance cover can come as a rescue. By purchasing this cover, you can protect yourself from damage caused by various unfortunate incidents. Furthermore, keep in mind that there might be a limit on the number of times you can avail this cover.

Online insurance for bike has made it extremely easy to purchase such additional benefits. You can get this add-on while buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance. You should consider online bike insurance because it offers hassle-free purchasing experience.

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