Five Misconceptions About HOA Managers in Flagstaff that Many Homeowners and Board Directors Believe

HOA management companies have important contributions to the success of communities with homeowners’ associations. Although they are common, a lot of homeowners and board members believe some misconceptions about flagstaff hoa management. These include the following:

The HOA Board Becomes Useless When an HOA Manager is Hired

If your HOA brings an HOA manager to help the community, they do not replace your association board or take their responsibilities away. Rather, the manager supports the board in running the community more effectively. Although they work closely with the board, the latter still makes most of the decisions. An HOA management company offers experience because they have come across a lot of unique situations working with HOA boards and communities. 

HOA Managers Only Offer Virtual Support

Great HOA managers offer in-person support. Keep in mind that they work to assist your association board with research, strategic planning, and project execution. This partnership only takes hole when both parties meet regularly and establish a trusting relationship. Apart from regular emails and phone calls, in-person meetings can offer tangible benefits by allowing both parties to communicate effectively and align expectations. 

HOA Managers are Only Concerned About Finding Violations

The goal of an HOA manager is not to find community members who break HOA rules. Rather, they want to make sure the community operates based on the original association covenants. Although the manager might determine community practices that violate the guidelines of the community, they only work to guarantee the community’s safety, security, and smooth operations. 

Hiring an HOA Manager Means Increased Association Fees

If an HOA manager is brought by your board, this does not have to mean an increase in your HOA fees. The board may use available funds for hiring the services of the manager on a retainer to offer the community more strategic direction. Also, the manager can introduce service providers that reduce costs for the community. 

HOA Managers Do Not Involve Community Members

While an HOA makes decisions designed to benefit homeowners and increase property values, HOA managers focus on helping the board and implementing policies. They provide advice and act based on what the board wants. Thus, if there is a communication issue, resolving it begins with the board, not the manager. However, a great manager understands the importance of responding to community members and giving the answers they need. They keep the communication lines open between management and the community members. 

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