Guide to Craft Effective Author Box Bios for Best SEO Results

Author’s bio box is basically a short self-introduction text written at the end of blog posts or articles, but it offers good benefits to the bloggers. In just 3 to 4 sentences, the readers will determine if they like your words or not.

People who ignore making proper author bio profiles can lose the opportunity of influencing visitors to comment on your blog, subscribe, or share information about your business.

To create author bio for WordPress install and activate the responsive plugin ‘Simple Author Box’. It is loaded with valuable features and allows the bloggers to give credit to co-authors or multiple authors working on a single content.

It even makes blogging and contribution from guest authors easy. Gutenberg Block feature allows editing the author box with ease, and you can even control the added links to your site or social media profiles.

Some takeaways after researching several authors bios for better SEO

The ranking on Google improves when a blog post or a person gets linked to it. The author’s bio box is a part of an online presence. It can be used for increasing your authority. With authority, you get a chance to direct readers towards the path you desire them to go. Authority means a trusted source of getting online information.

  • Bio quality will encourage readers to trust you.
  • Keep it short and simple, unless you have many cool credentials.
  • Include the most impressive qualifications like a Ph.D. or MA is more inspiring than a BA degree.
  • Your words or expressions must be relevant to the topic you discussed in the blog.
  • Write in first or third person tone. Generally, 3rd person is used.
  • 3 sentences or less than 40 words is a modest limit.
  • To improve your visibility, add social media and website links.
  • The links must be aimed at what you desire the visitors to know or see about your business, or you.

Steps to design an ideal author bio

Step1 – Determine what you desire readers to do when they read the author’s bio……

  • Visit your website?
  • Share your post
  • Contact you
  • Follow you
  • Subscribe

Step2 – Decide if your readers will prefer the bio written in 1st or 3rd person?

If you write the author’s bio in the third person –

  • It sounds as if someone else has written it.
  • People get introduced to your name directly like ‘Mary Connor is…..’ rather than ‘Hey, my name is Mary Connor’.
  • It offers an impression of professionalism.

If you write in the first person –

  • You can get more personal with specific audiences by sharing some quirks.
  • It works fine with authors related to the creative sector.
  • It is less suitable for relatively unknown writers, because people are not keen to place faith in a stranger, who despite being talented says he adores horror movies. It will sound unprofessional to some.

Choose third person tone while configuring the author box plugin because it is safer!

Step3 – Figure out your most remarkable accomplishments

  • Top awards
  • Position or designation in a company
  • Creating a successful business
  • Publications
  • Personal achievements

Select a couple of your characteristics or achievements that are relevant to the post or blog, below which your author’s bio will appear.

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