Handling Christmas pest issues like a pro

Christmas is a time of love, warmth, and abundance. It is valid for both your affectionate family and unwanted pests. 

Few things encapsulate the holiday season quite like a brightly lit Christmas tree. It’s no wonder many households put up and avidly decorate their respective trees this particular time of year! Unfortunately, many pests even love the pine tree and decide to pay a visit during this season. If you consider putting up a tree and maybe a small party, you should also consider calling a pest control service post-Christmas celebrations. 

The last thing you would need this time of year is finding tiny mites coming to your house for an extended vacation or a band of bark beetles cheerfully caroling in the corner post-Christmas. It is better to book Pointe Pest Control service than to see the pests ruining your holiday season for you. 

Handling pests pre-Christmas/ during Christmas 

There is absolutely nothing quite like the aroma of the real Christmas tree to evoke the festive spirit. Picking a Christmas tree and setting it in homes is a valuable tradition for some families, but it is also an excellent opportunity for various pests to enter your home. 

Even though many insects are not extremely dangerous to humans and the bulk of them will eventually die and drop out of the tree within a couple of days, it is still highly recommended that you shake the tree well before use. A firm shake will successfully dislodge most of the unwanted visitors. 

It would be best if you thoroughly check the tree branches to spot any nesting materials from birds. These nests are known to carry mites and various diseases, so it is advised that you wear hand gloves before attempting to pick them out of the tree. 

Fresh wreaths are also known to carry nesting materials and pests, so you should carefully examine them before bringing them home. 

Handling pests post-Christmas 

If you are someone who packs up decorations in old cardboard boxes for next Christmas, you are at risk. Cardboard boxes are best for shredding to create comfy and warm nests. To avoid such issues in the future, storing the decorations in airtight containers is highly recommended. 

Another concerning thing is the temptation to leave out the food/drink remnants of the Christmas feast. Discovering leftover food is like a dream come true for many pests who struggle to get natural food sources, especially during the cold months. If you leave food without any covering, you can attract a lot of unwanted guests. To avoid that from happening, store the leftovers in airtight containers or throw them in dustbins that are placed away from your house to deter pests from entering your space.

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