How can you Negotiate an Injury Settlement with an Insurance Company?

If you think that an injury is the only unsettling part of an accident, think again! The arduous task of haggling with an insurance company to settle claims is even a worse part of the struggle. Even if you have filed an additional lawsuit for personal injury, you might still have to negotiate. Most people who can afford an attorney for personal injury claims may feel that their process is easy. However, this is not true. Despite having a sound claim, the deliberations over your claim’s veracity with the insurance adjuster can be tedious. Many who hire attorneys to bypass the cumbersome process still find themselves entrenched into it.

However, if you and your injury attorney will follow the steps below, your claim is as good as sanctioned.

  1.   Decide a Settlement Figure Beforehand

Despite having an injury attorney and a sound claim, many cannot get through to the insurance adjuster. This is because no matter how good or bad your claim is, the process will be elongated because of multiple offers and counteroffers. The insurance adjuster will, at every step, deliberate the veracity of your claims, and you might end up with nothing. However, while pressing for your claim, deciding a settlement figure or even a negotiable window eases the process. It also ensures that your claim is processed quickly and easily. The important thing to bear in mind is that the settlement figure you have decided must not be communicated to the adjuster. This leaves your options open to gain a better claim.

  1.   Do Not Concede at the First Offer

As stated earlier, your attorney may receive an initial offer that maybe, well, disappointing. But this is merely a ploy in most cases to test how you are willing to negotiate. The important thing to remember is that you do not have to lose hope and concede. On the contrary, you must press for a claim below the demand letter amount but reasonable. This shows the adjuster that you are willing to consider a reasonable offer and not back down and be cornered. A little more haggling could tilt the bargain in favor of an amount considered apt by both.

  1.   Get Justification of Offered Amount

Most people abandon hope when receiving the first offer, which is exceedingly lower than the expectations. Naturally, this could indeed be a negotiating tactic to assess what you deem your claim is worth. Therefore, you must write a response to the adjuster’s claim seeking clarifications and reasons justifying his amount. Depending on his justification’s strengths and weaknesses, you can follow up by lowering or pressing your claim amount. However, before writing a response back, try talking to the adjuster and see if the adjuster is willing to revise his offer. Again, you must evaluate the revised offer, keeping in hindsight, his justifications for the same. The process must be repeated until a suitable offer comes through.

It is essential to understand that ultimately all claims for injuries are settled. However, the essential question remains as to when a suitable offer will come your way.  For this, insurance claims need patience and time from your end for a successful bargain.

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