How could you Acquire Protective Order without any Hassle 

Have you been a victim of violence, sexual abuse, or stalking? You could get in touch with local protective order lawyers to apply and acquire a court order for keeping the abuser away from you. It is known as a Protective Order or PO. You may come across different kinds of protective orders for victims of dating violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault, human trafficking, and stalking. 

A protective order would order the abuser: 

  • not to threaten, hurt, or harass you or your children, directly or through some person 
  • to stay away from you, your home, your family, workplace, and daycare or school of your children 
  • not to carry a gun, despite having a license 

The judge could also:

  • set terms and conditions for visitation with the children 
  • order payment of medical support or child support 
  • order drug testing 
  • order the abuser to attend classes for anger management 
  • order the offender out of the home 
  • order the abuser to attend a treatment program for substance abuse

How could you acquire a protective order? 

You could apply for a protective order in several ways:

  • by contacting your local county or office of the district attorney 
  • by contacting your local family violence shelter 
  • by contacting your local legal aid office 
  • by hiring a private attorney 
  • by completing the DIY protective order kit 

It would be pertinent to mention here that acquiring a protective order without an attorney should be your last resort. 

What are the requirements for acquiring a protective order? 

Acquiring a protective order would be dependent on the kind of protective order you wish to acquire. 

For acquiring a family violence protective order, you should show violence has occurred and it is highly likely that violence would continue in the future. 

For sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking protective order, you should show the abuser had committed sexual assault, stalking, or trafficking. 

A few important considerations:

  • Family violence is inclusive of intimate partner violence 
  • You do not require having a specific relationship with the abuser for sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking 
  • You would be granted a protective order when you call the police after the incident occurs. Any previous reports against the abuser would grant you PO instantly 
  • Do not delay applying for a protective order. Any significant delay would reduce the chances of you acquiring a protective order, as the threat of immediate danger has passed 

Consider documenting incidents of abuse. It would be inclusive of photographs of injuries, threatening voice messages, texts, and emails. 

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