How do I recharge my FASTag online?

Indian highways have been digitised with the introduction of FASTag to ensure seamless payment and vehicle movement on national highways. It is linked to your bank account and deducts the toll amount directly from it using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Since FASTag in India is mandatory, you can end up paying the penalty if your tag is invalid or if you do not have sufficient balance. Moreover, your FASTag may be blacklisted if you constantly fail to maintain a sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet. Thus, it is important to keep your FASTag recharged for uninterrupted travel and to avoid a double penalty.

Recharging your FASTag online is simple and can be done either through net banking or through mobile banking. Here is how to do both:

  1. Mobile banking app

The most convenient FASTag online recharge method is through your mobile banking app:

  • Log in through your bank’s mobile banking app
  • Click on the pay option
  • Tap on the FASTag icon
  • Provide your vehicle registration number
  • Select the ‘continue’ or ‘recharge’ tab
  • Enter the amount
  • Select the account to debit
  • Finally, confirm to recharge
  1. Net banking

You will need your internet banking credentials to recharge through this method.

  • Log in to your bank’s website
  • Locate the FASTag recharge section
  • Enter your vehicle’s number
  • Enter your recharge amount and select your preferred payment method
  • Make the payment and complete the instant FASTag recharge

While there could be variations in terminologies used by different apps and banks, the steps are essentially the same.

  1. UPI applications

This is another convenient way to recharge your FASTag account, and you can use any of the various UPI apps that are available today.

  • Open any UPI app that you use
  • Click on ‘Pay by UPI ID’
  • Enter the Virtual Payment Address (VPA)
  • Enter the VPA (for example: netc.DL12AB1234@bankname) for your FASTag recharge
  • Enter the desired recharge amount, and authenticate the payment through UPI PIN

It is recommended to use your bank’s mobile banking app or a credible UPI app that offers a safe and easy way to manage your FASTag wallet. 

When you recharge your FASTag wallet, the balance can be used by any FASTags linked with it. For example, if you own two four-wheelers and each has a FASTag, then both of them can use the available balance in your wallet. 

Auto-recharge facility

Nowadays, only few banks in India provide an auto-recharge facility that enables you to automatically deduct the recharge amount from your linked account when your balance gets goes below the amount predefined. This feature ensures that your FASTag account remains active, and you do not have to worry about insufficient balance. Additionally, most banks have their representatives at toll plazas on highways where you can get your FASTag recharge done offline as well.

It is worth noting that some institutions may charge a convenience fee for instant FASTag recharge service. Thus, it is advisable to contact your bank to confirm if there are any fees involved before completing the transaction.

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