How Questioning Helps Learning?

Questioning is an indivisible element of significant learning and scientific analysis. The formulation of a good question and the courage to ask it is a productive act. Questions from students symbolise that they have been thinking about the ideas they have and try to connect with the concepts they have learnt in their curriculum. Framing their question is the first step towards fueling their knowledge gaps and resolving their doubts. The method of asking questions enables them to link their current understanding of a topic, to build connections with other ideas and innovate new things.

Concept related questions

The student may feel excited about going through these questions and answers on every individual concept. The academic questions given go hand in hand with the concepts. These questions can be related to any of the subjects related to their curriculum like English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Social studies, Economics and languages. These subjects arise hundreds of questions and the learner runs behind it to find the answer. Each and every concept related to the subject will have questions which the student has to answer.

Will only academics make a complete student?

In today’s world one has to know about current affairs, sports, politics, general knowledge and everything. Excelling only in academics will not make the student complete. General knowledge helps to engage the child’s mind in numerous productive activities. The gk questions might or might not directly reflect in the academic scores, but it will positively help in strengthening his/her personality as a whole. We also know that people with better general knowledge accomplish better IQs as well.

Quality and scoring

Only questioning and learning will help to score high? The answer is no. The quality of answer leads to scoring than the quantity of an answer. The evaluator mainly sees for the appropriateness of the answer rather than jolting down pages together.  Quality and relevant content execute an important role in obtaining good marks in the exam. The specific keywords related to the answers must be described. The answers must be well structured and explained diagrammatically wherever possible. The student has to use the concise words in the answer for better understanding of the evaluator. Students have to reproduce their answers in such a way that the person who reviews the answer paper must be able to judge your knowledge while reading them.

An overview before the exam

Every student gets tensed before the exam and has a doubt that whether he can complete the entire syllabus of the examination. The students get a thorough update in all the subjects and concepts. By frequently elucidating various kinds of questions, the student will perceive and gulp down the concepts easily.

Questioning, learning and answering questions all are the stepwise process of the academic curriculum. Students can easily develop all the skills when he has the courage to take just the step one. When step one is taken, rest all the steps automatically followed. So if one has a question he must feel free to ask and then he will fly with bright colours in his grades.

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