How to Engage Students with Interactive Display Board?

Willing to teach but struggling with how to engage your students? Interactive display boards can help solve your dilemma. Students will be more interested and engaged when they are able to take part in the lesson by manipulating an interactive display board.

At first, interactive displays boards were used for presentations, however, they have evolved over the years and now they are mainly used for various educational purposes. Boards that are specifically designed for education are now being created to meet this need. These classroom-friendly displays can be mounted or put on a stand which is especially important for K-12 classes where children move around the room during lessons.

The ActivPanel Interactive Display Board

The ActivPanel is an interactive display board that was developed by a company called Promethean. The ActivPanel is one of the most popular interactive displays boards which are used for education in schools. It can be mounted directly on a wall and it can also be put on a stand as well.

The ActivPanel Interactive Display Board is lightweight and portable. The simple design of the display board makes it easy to use in any classroom setting and it has three large buttons on its surface to allow students to perform tasks according to their preferred learning styles.

Benefit from Pre-loaded Teaching Tools

The teacher can use a variety of pre-loaded teaching tools and these are small pieces of information that are meant to help students learn about a particular subject, for example, about the alphabet or about animals. These useful, ready-to-use tiles can be added to the board at any time and they are constantly updated to help learners keep up with the current trends in education. The pre-loaded tiles enable teachers to get rid of the hassle of creating the presentation and they can encourage students to focus on their work.

Use Visuals and Images with Ease

The ActivPanel is designed to be used in pairs; one tile is placed on top of the other. The tiles that are initially placed on the board can contain text or graphics and they can also contain videos or images. This allows students to get a lot of information from the board with ease.

What’s in the Box?

The ActivPanel comes in a neat box that contains various parts including a board (polycarbonate), an extra mount, and a stand. There is also a user guide that helps teachers understand how to use the interactive display board properly. The package also includes an instructional DVD that teaches teachers how to set up their display boards and use its interactive features properly.

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