How To Learn About Dog Training In Sixty Seconds

Do not know about training a dog in sixty seconds but here one will find some very helpful tips to train a dog. Proper training is a good thing for all dogs as all dogs need it. Dog training classes can be expensive if one decides to hire a professional trainer. However, if one is willing to do the dog training classes themselves then use these tips. Then, training costs can be avoided all in all. If your dog is a puppy or an adult dog, it does not matter. The dog can be trained. Training provides structure and confidence which makes the dog much happier.

Getting started can be overwhelming. It is good to start with a week by week schedule for organizational purposes and it can lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed. With the week by week schedule one can choose a basic command or maybe two basic commands to work on for training. One should consider adjusting the environment that the dog will be trained in order to avoid or to adapt to behavior problems. During the first week a crate should be introduced. This is a good tool to help govern or maintain/manage the dog’s behavior even in the absence of one’s presence. Start with letting the dog sit in the crate for just a moment at a time. Eventually, the dog may want to sleep in the crate. Then begin to increase the time the dog is in the crate little by little. Balance the time. Try not to go longer than a few hours at a time. Ensure there are fun toys for the dog. The crate should be used throughout the dog’s training. Most dog’s love having their own space and little sanctuary. Crates are also one of the best tools for house training a dog since it is natural for most dogs to not do their “bathroom business” where they sleep.

Another big tip to add to the list is that dogs thrive on routine. To have a schedule created for mealtimes, walks and playtime early when starting the dog training classes is a really good thing to do so that the first week of training can have this incorporated. Be sure and mindful to keep to the schedule and routine consistent all the time to include both weekdays and weekends. If someone else like another family member or a dog walker has to take care of the dog while you are away make sure that the person keeps to the schedule. Routine is so important that even when training comes to an end it is best to continue to stick to the everyday schedule of routine far beyond the training. Include rewarding your dog and use a clicker. However, you may decide not to use a clicker and still reward the dog. Then teach commands to include the dog to sit. Spend a brief 5 minutes several times a day each week on this command. Go right into the down command. This is usually paired with emergency recall. So, the down emergency recall is another command that one should spend many times each day getting the down command and the emergency down recall.

The come and leave command is a command that should only be taught after the sit and down commands have been mastered by the dog. The more complicated commands such as stop jumping and stop barking should be started again after the basic starting commands are becoming second nature to the dog. The additional commands such as got to your place; not to mention, the many other commands will come. Remember to use toys!

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