How to play with your dog in every season of the year?

Your dog doesn’t care if it’s hot or cold, rainy or sunny; it just wants to play. It’s up to you to ensure that playtime doesn’t become a risky activity for your dog’s health. For example, dog coats are excellent for protecting your dog from moisture caused by rain and excessive cold from the snow. These pet coats are perfect for those times of the year when it rains or snows frequently. Besides rain coats for dogs, your dog can take advantage of a small pool to cool off during the summer. Imagine going to the park with your four-legged friend and setting up a small pool filled with water. Whenever your dog feels hot, he will go for a refreshing dip. Some dogs don’t do it, so you need to be vigilant. It is better to force your dog to cool down than to have a heat stroke.

Every breed of dog is different

A German shepherd usually has a thicker coat than a Rottweiler. A small breed dog has more trouble walking in the snow than a large breed dog. Before protecting your pet, understand how your pet’s body reacts during each season. You can consult a veterinarian or look for information on the internet. For example, if you are buying a coat for a German shepherd, make sure it is the right size and will not cause temperature problems for your dog’s body. Similarly, each breed of dog manages heat differently. Some breeds require their coats to be trimmed during the summer, or their owners must be vigilant about keeping their pets well-hydrated. Incredibly, many dogs have died due to a lack of hydration during a play session in the park.

Attention to detail

Every season has different elements that affect your dog’s performance in the environment. You may think that in the summer it’s vital for your dog to drink water because of the inclement heat. While this is true, many people think their pets don’t require as much hydration during the winter. In some countries, gusts of wind often form during the spring or autumn. These gusts can stir up dust that can affect your pet’s eyes or introduce dirt into their fur. Keep water on hand to clean their face in case this happens, and brush their hair when they come home to remove any dust particles. Some dog owners have reported finding insects trapped in their furry friends’ coats. Monitoring these details is essential.

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