Ideas for Putting Candles in a Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace in your home that is seldom used? Maybe, you should consider adding a few features to that space to elevate its aesthetic beauty. Leaving your fireplace completely empty will make it appear dull. Instead, you can try decorating the place using candles. They will breathe life into that space. Given the number of candle types and holders available, you can easily create a powerful display. If you are not sure about how to put candles in the fireplace, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Go big with pillar candles

As the name signifies, these candles are quite big and tall compared to regular candles. You can use these candles if you want to experiment with the size. Moreover, you can get them in fun colours. While some are available in solid colours, you get many in dual colours, and even in multiple colours. Hence, you get the opportunity to make your dull interiors more colourful. Just make sure you choose colours that complement the look of your wood, brick, or stone fireplace. Contrasting tones can help you to create a bold statement and allow you to make it the highlight of your living room design. A common trick used by experts for an appealing look is to work in threes. For instance, you can arrange three tall, three medium, and three small candles together. If you want to add a few extra features, a few pinecones and flowers will do.

02 of 06 Decorate with taper candles

Taper candles are quite popularly used in homes. They are set on beautifully designed colonial-style brass candlesticks. The combination gives your living room design a rustic and traditional appeal. If you want to add more features, get one of the wooden footstools lying around in the home and place it underneath the candlesticks. Make sure that the colour and the design of the footstool complement the look of your candlesticks. A few other elements, like pottery jugs, can be added to the setup for a more stylish look.

03 of 06 Fireplace candelabra

When your wood or stone fireplace is empty, you can get a fireplace candelabra. This living room decorating idea is amazing. These candle holders can be set inside the fireplace for an appealing look. People who do not want the smoke and heat produced by a fireplace but need the beautiful glow opt for this solution. You can easily find many colours, designs, and styles for your fireplace candelabra. Just make sure that you pick the right size if you plan to place it inside the fireplace. Also, decide beforehand how many candles you want to light so that you can pick the right design. Add seasonal flowers and plants around it for an elegant feel.

04 of 06 Design with a burlap

Do you miss the summers? You can make a few small changes to your home interior design and create a summer-time theme. One of the tricks involves designing the fireplace with burlap. Just cover a box with burlap and place it in your wood or stone fireplace. Set a few candles on the box and encircle them with a rope. You can either set the candles on a candle holder or use pillar candles. Make sure the candles you choose are of different sizes for added visual interest. Leave a few small and large seashells by the box for a complete summer theme.

05 of 06 Add visual interest to the mantel

While you are designing the fireplace, do not forget about the mantel. The mantel is the section above the fireplace. If you leave it completely empty, it will make your room appear dull. There are many living room decorating ideas you can consider. Using candles is a brilliant idea. Opt for two short pillar candles and long candle sticks for them to create a unique look. Since the candlesticks are quite large, match their colours with other elements on the mantel to create a balanced look. The combination will create the illusion of more height and give the mantel an elegant look.

06 of 06 Add an artistic look

You can give your fireplace mantel an artistic look by adding candles. There are many beautiful candlesticks available in the market. In most cases, homeowners choose the same candlestick for multiple candles. This is because it creates balance and symmetry in the living room design. However, there is no written rule that says you cannot do otherwise. To give the space an artistic feel, you can consider choosing two different candlesticks of similar shapes for your candles. However, make sure that the candles are simple and similar, and do not overshadow the look of your candlesticks.

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