Is It Possible To File A Claim For A Missed Flight?

All of us who travel frequently have faced the situation at least once in our lives, where we find ourselves left staring at the airport departure gate, realising we have missed our flight.

At this time, many travellers have been left wondering if it is possible to file a  travel insurance claim for missed flight and get the right compensation for it.

If that is what you are looking for, know that in this article we will look at the complexities of missed flights and provide you with the best information to make your next trip safer and happier.

 Does Travel Insurance Cover a Missed Flight?

A missed flight is the worst nightmare for most travellers. Missing your flight means losing the time and money you put into the flight, as well as many other bookings, such as hotels, tour companies, or other places that you paid in advance.

But can travel insurance be a saviour for all of these? This is the question that lingers in the  mindS of travellers. Well, the good news is that many travel insurance companies like Tata AIG cover missed flights.

However, coverage and terms can vary greatly between different insurance companies and plans. It is important to carefully examine the policy when comparing travel insurance options to understand the extent of coverage for missed flights

 What Will Travel Insurance Cover?

This varies depending on the travel insurance plan. Some will pay for your flights and hotel accommodations if you need to stay overnight. Others will only cover the actual flight. That’s why it’s critical to carefully read your policy so you know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

A claim for a missed flight may be accepted by an insurance provider if the delay was caused by:

  • Delays in public transportation.
  • Road accidents – but keep in mind that some insurance companies only provide coverage if the accident occurred on a dual carriageway or a motorway.
  • Bad weather condition

 What Isn’t Covered>

You are unlikely to be able to make a claim if you missed your flight because of –

  • Not planning ahead of time and leaving enough time to get to the airport or through security.
  • Heavy traffic delays that are not the result of an accident, such as roadworks or civil protest.
  • If you deny your airline’s offer of compensation or alternative flights.

 When Can You Claim Flight Compensation For Your Missed Flight?

Compensation eligibility for missed flights is determined by the length of delay and the distance of the flight. It’s important to note that compensation is usually not available in extraordinary situations.

Before you file a claim, you should carefully consider the specific circumstances surrounding the missed flight, compare travel insurance as well as the applicable regulations and whether they meet the criteria for compensation

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you missed your flight due to the airline’s error, you may be entitled to reimbursement. Many travel insurance companies do not provide coverage in such cases, but they may compensate you for hotel reservations that were cancelled due to missed flight

 How to Get a Refund on a Missed Flight?

Obtaining a refund or missed flight insurance claim can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The key is to act quickly and take the necessary steps to prove the validity of your claim. Here are some general steps to get you started

 Contact the Airline

Contact the airline as soon as you realise you’ve missed your flight. Explain your situation and ask about their policies on missed flights. Some airlines may provide rebooking options or guidance on the next steps.

 Check the Travel Insurance Coverage

If you have a travel insurance plan, read the terms and conditions to see if your situation is covered. Collect all required documentation and file a claim with the insurance provider within the timeframe specified.

 Submit a Claim

If the airline is at fault and you meet the eligibility requirements, file a formal claim for compensation. This procedure frequently entails providing detailed information about the circumstances that led to the missed flight, as well as supporting documentation.

 Be Persistent

Airlines do not always approve claims right away. Follow up on your claim as soon as possible and provide any additional information requested. Persistence and meticulous documentation can greatly improve your chances of receiving a refund.


Missing your flight can be both upsetting and discouraging. Not to mention the possibility of losing a lot of your hard-earned money for nothing. As a result, every traveller should be adequately protected with a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Your travel insurance covers all contingency situations while you are away from home, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free trip. Flight cancellation insurance can even be used to partially secure a traveller’s journey.

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