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Leg Veins and the Most Common Questions related to them

Leg veins that bulge out of the legs and are visible to others are called spider veins or varicose. Varicose veins often twist and protrude above the skin surface. These blue, red, or flesh-colored veins result in pain and appear like spider webs. 

Spider veins are often ignored by people presuming it as normal veins, but they may prove dangerous as spider veins result in continuous pain in the legs. Simple leg veins procedure can help in treating this situation and give permanent relief. 

Why do you need treatment for visible leg veins?

Spider veins are damaged veins that appear due to weakening one-way valves. One-way valves usually push blood in one direction, but they flow backward and form a blood clot in a vein when damaged. The extra pressure on veins results in invisibility on the skin. 

Damaged leg veins may result in blood clots, uneasiness, and difficulty running, affecting you mentally. Thus, having a leg vein procedure may come in handy in such a situation. Varicose is also due to heredity, obesity, trauma, and fluctuations in hormone levels.

Prominent leg veins treatment procedure

Before applying for a leg veins procedure, you must undergo a physical assessment test. This test helps the physician to evaluate the condition of your leg veins. If the situation can be handled through simple procedures, then doctors proceed accordingly. The physician then decides which treatment is best suited for your situation.

There are many sorts of treatments to solve the leg vein problem. They vary from self-care to surgery. Self-care includes exercising regularly, elevating your legs, giving enough rest to the knees and body. Self-care tips prevent visible veins but cannot treat them.

Sclerotherapy is also one of the most common treatments for leg veins. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical into the veins of the legs. After the liquid settles, a massage is given to the patient. This leg vein procedure causes the walls to stick together, so the blood cannot flow through it anymore. This improves circulation in the treated leg and reduces swelling. 

Laser therapy is an effective option for treating this issue. EVLT and Radiofrequency Ablation are newer technologies that replace the need for surgical procedures. Some Ayurveda procedures have proved to be effective in treating visible leg veins.

Is the treatment effective? 

Yes, all the procedures mentioned above are verified and tested. Leg veins are treatable and can be easily removed from the body. The difference between all the methods is the time required to work effectively. People often choose the procedures which show the best result in less time. 


Visible leg veins can be subject to body shaming sometimes and aren’t good for show biz. Though leg veins don’t cause much pain, they shouldn’t be ignored. Thus, a good leg vein procedure can be beneficial for you. The very first step should always be to consult an expert in the field before going for any treatment.

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