Light sweets, you can cook minimum ingredients

What if you get to know that you don’t have to spend hours in your kitchen, cooking sweet dishes before a festival or special occasion? The same sweets that we have grown up savoring can now be made instantly without spendingtoo much time and effort on them. Gone are the days of standing in the kitchen, sweating because of the heat, stirring the halwa.

Here are some easy but exotic Indian sweets that take almost no time to make but taste as delicious as ever:

  1. Moong dal kahalwa

A cult favourite for wedding lovers, moong dal kahalwa is a delicacy best enjoyed on special occasions but known for the long tiring hours spent in the kitchen stirring it. However, there is now an easier way to make it while maintaining the same taste it’s loved for. It is now possible to make the halwa in an instant pot rather than grinding the dal. The stirring part is also less time-consuming. Overall, the new moong dal kahalwa recipes now focus on unconventional and convenient ways of cooking the dish while keeping the taste as good as ever. It is a simple 4 ingredients sweet dish, which can be found anywhere.

  1. Gajarkahalwa

A modern gajar ka halwa recipe talks about cooking it in a pressure cooker. It takes less time and energy but makes it taste exactly the same. You need only 5 ingredients that are easily available at home. It consists of ghee, carrots, milk, sugar and cardamom powder.

Additionally, you can use pistachio, almonds and other nuts to make it more interesting. Carrots are great for fiber, potassium, Vitamin K1 and antioxidants. It serves as a great sweet dish for people of all ages. It is best enjoyed in the winter season with a garnishing of almonds and pistachios.

  1. BesanLadoo

Besan is an easily available and extremely healthy and highly used ingredient for various dishes in India. It helps in lowering diabetes, weight loss, skin tightening, etc. among other benefits. It is good for the heart as it consists of soluble fiber, which keeps the heart healthy. Besan has been used to make sweet dishes in India forages because of its good properties and taste. Popular besan dishes includebarfis, ladoos, halwa, etc. depending on personal preference. Besanladoois made by roasting it on ghee and then mixing sugar and cardamom powder in it for extra flavour. It can be made with a variety of techniques to give variation and excitement to the dish.

These are some easy and yummy dishes that are considered lightsweets to eat and taste delicious. They are also easy to make and are suitable for all members of the family. These sweets are great choices for special occasions, weddings, festivals, or even desserts after dinner. What is more interesting is that these can be traditional, easy-to-make, and healthy snacks for those who love sweets.

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