Look for the Best Choices In Increasing Your Wealth

To save several hundred euros per year on all of your contracts, remember to remember your insurer if you change your age group, if your personal and professional situation changes or if you change your daily habits. .

Are you retiring or have you abandoned your car in favor of public transport to join your business?

Lower your car premium by arguing that you are no longer at risk when traveling home / work. Your car is only on the roads occasionally? Request a pay as you drive formula, with a bonus calculated on the basis of the kilometers traveled. The result is savings of up to 40%! Your vehicle insured against all risk does not cost much? Isn’t it wise to take out a plan with fewer guarantees, or even to settle for so-called third-party insurance?

Another example with guarantees for “accidents of life”, promising financial and material support for the vagaries of daily life (DIY, domestic accidents, etc.). Beyond 65, the holder is often no longer compensated in the event of a problem. Average cost of saving if you think about canceling: up to 160 euros per year and per person.  You can have the best choices with This review also.

Insurance: play the competition and save up to 40%

For years, you have not flinched when the automatic renewal letter of your insurance contracts arrives in your mailbox as their anniversary date approaches? Big mistake! “It is good to put your contracts back to competition every three years, explains Diane Larramendy, general manager of the comparator Not only are new companies and new offers appearing, but new customers always benefit from attractive prices.” C t is also an opportunity to access more comprehensive guarantees or new services. For similar deductible amounts, the bill can miraculously decrease by 20 to 40%.

To compare, ask for quotes. There are several solutions for this: go to branches, pick up your phone or ask specialized Internet comparators. Initially, two to three quotes will be enough to negotiate discounts with your current insurers. They resist? Be fickle in favor of a less greedy market player, too happy to count you among its new customers! Send your company a cancellation request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least two months before the expiry date of your contract.

4-Insurance: get rid of the superfluous and save up to 10%

Another winning strategy to reduce the cost of your insurance by up to 10%: sorting out to keep only the essential guarantees. Starting by removing certain comfort options. For example ? In your multi-risk home, the replacement of your furniture, household appliances or hi-fi equipment in the event of theft, water damage or fire. Because insurers multiply the limits: compensation cap, high deductibles … As a result, we are generally less reimbursed than we imagined. Also to be evaluated, the rehousing option in a higher category hotel, especially in the event of water damage, while the lump sum reimbursement, generally 10% of the guaranteed capital, on presentation of invoices,is more than enough to find proper accommodation for a few days when you cannot be accommodated by friends. To reduce your premiums, another solution: increase your auto deductibles, that is to say what remains at your expense, especially if your vehicle has a few years on the clock. However, this choice is not without risk … 

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