Medical Malpractice and Its Types

Medical malpractice is a situation where patients are harmed by doctors or other medical professionals because they failed to perform their medical duties competently. The rules associated with medical malpractice claims differ based on the country or state you are living it. Miami, FL, medication error lawyers are professionals that you should connect with in case you need to file a medical malpractice case. In this blog, we are sharing everything you need to know about medical malpractice.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Following are the types of medical malpractice for which you file the claim for –


When the doctor examines a patient, however, it fails to diagnose the actual illness, then it would come under misdiagnosis. The doctor may claim that the patients do not suffer from any apparent health ailment or diagnose an issue that the patient is not suffering from. This is malpractice because patients are unable to receive the medical treatment that they should be getting.

Conversely, patients who are misdiagnosed with issues that they do not have, make end up getting the treatment they do not need in the first place.  However, you can only file a malpractice claim for misdiagnosis if the doctor failed to perform what other doctors would have done in a similar situation, and the patients have been harmed due to it.

Inadequate Treatment

After making the right treatments, sometimes doctors fail to provide the right treatments. Such malpractice is reckoned as failure to treat. This occurs when doctors are dealing with too many patients simultaneously. Such an approach in the hospital landscape is called prioritizing profits over patient’s safety. As a result, doctors do not treat all patients diligently by adhering to the standard procedure of care. Not refereeing patients to a specialist, discharging them soon, not following-up with them, etc. are some of the examples of inadequate treatment.

Late Diagnosis

Similar to misdiagnosis, in these situations, the doctor initially makes an inaccurate diagnosis, but eventually, the patients receive the actual diagnosis. This delay can worsen the situation of the patients as they have been receiving the wrong treatment. For this claim to be valid, the doctor should have examined the patients less competently as opposed to other doctors.

Birth Injury

These are among the most damaging types of medical malpractice. Parents joyfully expect a healthy delivery of their child. They are not prepared for an unexpected birth injury due to the negligence of the medical provider. In this type of malpractice, the injuries can result in the death of the child or the mother.

Medical Product Liability

Doctors and other medical staff are not the only ones that have to deal with medical malpractice. Patients, at times, suffer due to the poor functioning of the medical device. When these devices do not function properly, they can end up injuring the patients and might worsen their condition. If the manufacturers of the devices already knew about this defect, they are liable to pay compensation.

If you or your loved ones have suffered from any of the above medical malpractice, then you are liable to get compensation for your loss.

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