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Most Popular Cement Pigments This Season

Picking out the type of foundation and concrete is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make when it comes to building a strong, durable foundation for their house or any other type of home. During this decision making part of a building or installing a home, homeowners have the ability to choose the color of their foundation and the concrete which keeps their home strong and long-lasting, even though many homeowners don’t know they can change a different color other than the standard grey color. Some of these color options either involve the variations of pigments mixed into the concrete, some of the pigments mixed in these colors can change based on sunlight or climate. These pigments which are mixed into the concrete gives the concrete a distinctive color pallet which naturally creates hues that vary from light to dark grey. Even Custom Cement Dye Texas Company highly recommends these various types of pigments for any of their customers who might be looking for a unique way of giving their homes a different look from other houses around them.

The Texilmacher color option is also known as a variation of Black Concrete; for customers is one of the most purchased concrete for customer’s homes mainly based on the coloring changing effects which depend on the sunlight, the time of day or climate. These variations of factors which cause this color option for concrete to change all depends and changes to give the concrete some character as well as giving the concrete a unique and sophisticated look. Customers have stated the reason why they have chosen this specific color option for their foundation color is that the natural variation of colors gives their home a sophisticated and a one of a kind look which makes their homes stand out compared to other homes around them. Another type of pigment which can be mixed with either concrete or cement includes different variations of Red Concrete and Black Concrete.

Both Red concrete and Black concrete have different types of colors and pigments that customers can choose from for their homes. Red concretes in the past have been one of the main colors of historic buildings that allow customers to choose this pigment for their homes if they decide they would like to mimic or have their home loom like a historic building. Many of these Red pigments offers customers a more rugged look to their homes and gives off a neat and clean look as well as a historic vibe which is why the Custom Cement Dye Texas Company offers this option to their customers. Now with the Black pigments for cement and concrete has several different color scheme options for customers to choose, some include light grey, medium grey, and dark grey or black. The reason why there’s a variation of Black Concrete is due to the additive of iron oxide being present which in the mixing phase of the color concrete process. Just like the reds, browns and multiple color scheme options for customers to choose from, all of these options have a variety of additives that makes the pigment stronger, show brighter or have the ability to change with either the way the sunlight hits the pigmentation of the colors. Some of these color scheme options might contain chromium, cobalt oxide or have a higher content of iron oxide, the black concrete color option has more iron oxide and carbon oxide mixed within the cement at a higher rate compared to the other color options. The darker the hues of the concrete the more iron oxide and carbon oxide is present which causes the darker hues and gives customers more color options.

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