Personal proxy

Personal proxies are located between the site and the user. They guarantee complete anonymity. Thanks to them, access to blocked Internet sites, earnings from parsing, and promotion of social networks is provided. You can purchase a personal proxy at

Positive points

A personal proxy is given to one user in comparison with the usual ones. IP addresses need to be monitored, provided to specific individuals, and there is a fee for this. Regular proxies are publicly available, they work for everyone.

The advantages of such a service include high quality, stable operation and technical support of the provider. These proxies are reliable and efficient. When using public proxies, there will be no maximum protection against blocking an account on the site. But if you choose private proxies, it provides blocking protection. They also provide fast data processing. Providers set high limits and high-speed Internet connections.

Paid personal proxies are characterized by the following advantages:

  • continuous work with high productivity;
  • anonymity and protection thanks to information caching;
  • high response speed for instant task execution;
  • choosing the right proxy, taking into account personal preferences;
  • fast server setup;
  • support service work;
  • blocking insurance.

Of course, this service is paid. You need to make an amount that is calculated taking into account the speed of work, geolocation and other points.

What are they used for?

Personal proxies are used to ensure confidentiality. They themselves work with sites, so they do not have information about who requested the data. This provides protection against targeted ads.

Access to prohibited resources is provided with a proxy. The intermediary hides the IP address. Many users choose a personal proxy for this very reason.

Another service is used for filtering and control. The proxy is used to eliminate restrictions and to block some resources. For example, it is chosen for a corporate network to eliminate access to social media and file storage.

A proxy also protects against hacker attacks, viruses. This is due to the fact that the intermediary changes the IP address, and also performs traffic redirection. It is because of these reasons that a personal proxy remains in demand.

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