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Plus 500 Review and Its Beneficial Features

Trading in currency pairs is interesting. There are many opportunities to gain profits. The forex market also always has its attractive points that make traders always like to invest and trade in the instrument. However, choosing the right trading platform will become one of the important steps to do before starting the forex trading. In the end, traders cannot just enter the forex market without the assistance and services from the brokers and trading companies. Thus, choosing reliable forex broker and trading company will be important things to consider. As for reference, traders can check the plus 500 review to gain more references as the considerations in choosing the right broker and platform to use in forex trading.

Plus500 broker is actually owned by the Plus500UK Ltd. This is a company registered and headquartered in United Kingdom. London becomes the base of the company. Because of its location and center of services, the broker is regulated by FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority).  This becomes one of the most reliable brokers currently so it can be said that the services offered by the brokers is quite safe and trusted. Plus500 has started its trading services since 2008. Although its base is in UK, its services are available in many countries in Europe and Asia. Its good services make the broker becomes one of the brokers with fastest growth so it is now able to trade CFD or contract for differences.

Plus500 sets low threshold for the minimum deposit. Traders can start trading by depositing from $1. This is surely low deposit and it is very affordable. It makes the broker quite friendly for the new traders and beginners who usually still have low funds. With the low deposits, at least the new traders also do not need to take huge risks by using huge funds for trading. This is one of the nice points offered by the broker. In addition, it now supports the mobile platforms. It allows traders to trade easily in which most new traders are now interested in trading by using smartphone and tablet. It may seem simple, but it makes the broker and its platform is accessible. Furthermore, it uses up to 31 languages. Traders can choose the suitable language for them for more convenient. This is also the reasons why the trading platform and its services are now accessed in Europe and Asia.

As for its assets and instrument, forex becomes one of the priorities. There are many currency pairs for traders to choose. Then, it has CFDs on commodities as what is mentioned above. In addition, there are also stocks, indices, metals, and also cryptocurrency. With vast variations of instruments and assets, traders can choose the preferred asset for them. As for the forex trading, it offers leverage up to 1:300. This may not become the highest leverage that can be found since there are brokers with higher leverage, but it is still good enough with lower risks. There can also be options for no deposit bonus forex that can be found further in the broker’s information and it can add more benefits for traders.

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