Rules and steps for obtaining a proxy server

The era of advanced computer technology has come. A modern person simply cannot do without newfangled gadgets, the Internet, and social networks.

These components began to control and completely fill human life.

Few people know that using the World Wide Web every day, the user does not think about the existence of a multifunctional intermediary between him and the Internet network. Its role is played by the so-called proxy server, which creates special conditions for access to a particular web resource. Simply put, it is able to replace the current IP address and enable traffic to pass through an additional server.

Fundamental rules

Before you understand the problem of choosing and buy a proxy on, it is recommended to understand what this “assistant” is for. Its main purpose is primarily:

  • increasing the degree of secure access to the internet;
  • guarantees of complete confidentiality of the object;
  • gaining access to automatically blocked various content;
  • provision of web pages, access to which was prohibited (this also applies to instant messengers);
  • acceleration of performance for the subsequent provision of high speed loading of the required Internet resources.

Proxies can be anonymous, distorted, private, and transparent. To get them, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • it should be remembered that popular ftp functions only for exchange between local connections;
  • in the absence of time to register temporary addresses in manual mode, a special program (application) should be used;
  • through browsers, including Google Chrome, cgi is most often used;
  • to work with universal traffic, it is recommended to give preference to socks.

Step-by-step process

The procedure for obtaining a free proxy server includes such steps as:

  • monitor the list of current resources available for free use;
  • after making a choice in favor of one or another suitable option, you need to add it to the corresponding settings for connecting to the network;
  • thus deceiving your provider, the current location should be determined incorrectly.

Money can buy a useful intermediary. This is advisable if you need several thousand free addresses at the same time, or one permanent, personally owned by a specific user for serious purposes.

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