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Some Of The First Tasks Your Digital Agency Should Look At

When you start working with a digital agency for the first time, there are some vital tasks that they will need to do first before they start working on increasing your digital footprint. When they fix a lot of the issues a site can have, which makes the onsite SEO stronger, you can receive a boost in the visibility of your website, which you can then build on. If you have never worked with a digital marketing agency before, then below are some of the things they should be looking at when they first kick off your campaign, which will assure you that you are working with experts.

An Audit Of The Entire Website

One of the first things that a reputable digital agency will do is a website audit, highlighting many issues that your site currently has. You may be aware of some of the problems, and others may be a complete surprise to you, but there are common problems that many websites face, which you can address when an audit is finished. It can also help you prioritise which fixes need to be done first, and you should do this in conjunction with Google Search Console.

Check Google Search Console

An audit will need to be done in conjunction with Google Search Console (GSC), and this tool will highlight many of the issues that can be found and prioritise the most important ones. You will usually only get one audit report which will incorporate the GSC data into it, and it can then be used light a checklist to fix the most critical errors found.

A Backlink Audit

Looking at the links that your website has is also vital to ensure no underlying issues that may not appear on the audit you have received. The backlink audit will look at all the links pointing to your site, and your agency will then be able to delve into these and add any that are of low quality or considered spammy to the disavow list. It is much better to consolidate existing links before you start a new campaign building new links.

A Content Audit Of Your Site

Another task that you will want your digital agency to do shortly after starting work with them is an audit of your website’s content. You can ensure that all the content performs well and that it is unique and engaging to your users. It is an excellent idea to refresh the website content now and then anyway and doing so can encourage Google to send bots or spiders to your site more often if you do regular updates on your content.

These are some of the essential tasks that your digital agency will need to get done before they start work, but there are others besides these. Research any potential agency you will work with thoroughly and educate yourself in digital marketing, and you can help increase the visibility of your site and your sales.

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