Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are known to be cute, enigmatic and strange animals. And when we say strange, we don’t mean it in the wrong way. In fact, it is these unusual behaviours that make us adore them even more. Do you ever think that your feline friend does strange things that no other cat does? While this might be true, there are a number of behaviours that most felines portray that are equally as strange. 


You have probably seen your feline friend kneading a blanket or your belly. This behaviour, ideally referred to as ‘making biscuits’ is picked up by cats when they are kittens. The young ones knead their mother’s stomach in order to stimulate milk production. However, they continue this behaviour as adults and often portray it when they are comfortable and relaxed. In some cases, the surface they knead reminds them of their mom’s belly.

Sitting on Your Laptop

Cats have a habit of sitting on laptops simply because it feels good. Laptops are like small heating pads specially made for your cat. Another reason they like seating on laptops is because they know they will get your attention. 

If it Fits, I Sit

The ability of our feline friends to fit comfortably into tight spaces has always amazed us. People are so entertained that they dedicate entire sites to them. But why do cats sit in such spots when there are numerous comfy places they could rest instead? Why does your cat choose to curl up in small baskets, boxes or bathroom sink? 

Well, according to behavioural experts, this is instinctive behaviour, seen even in big cats. Small spaces make a cat feel safe and secure. If a cat was out in the wild, the last thing they would want is to stay in an open/unprotected area as it makes them susceptible to predators. Ideally, cats have a natural instinct to ambush the prey and hiding in a small space allows them to observe their surroundings without being seen or ambushed. Of course, the unseen part does not always seem to apply with your domestic furry friend. 

Burying Poop and Pee

Felines tend to be particular about their litter. Although dogs are praised for their superior noses, cats tend to be particular about the scents in their surroundings as well. Whether your feline friend buries their pee and poop or not is a behaviour that was inherited when they were wild and stayed in the desert. If your furry pet buries their poop and pee, it is probably because they do not like the scent and would prefer their territory to remain clean-smelling. If your pet does not bury their ‘business’, it is because they do not deem the litter box as their territory. A cat marks the litter box as theirs by leaving their poop and pee covered. This is a welcome behaviour, and you can reinforce it by rewarding the cat with some of the best treats from Barking Heads

This is, of course, not a comprehensive list, but it covers some of the most common strange behaviours in household cats.

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