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Take The Leap With Part 135 Training

Part 135 training is an online training package for the operation’s specific requirements. C.T.S. packages provide custom-build training courses that help people choose any recent courses to align the training manual to an experienced authority, meet training requirements, and make suggestions to help bridge the gaps. The training is supplemented with company-specific procedures and policies.

The subjects include text-based lessons, interactive tutorials, and a final exam to monitor individual pilot progress. Online record-keeping has made it easier to track individual performance.

Old VS New

The old way of 135-recurrent was time-consuming and tedious with real struggle. It was challenging to get everyone in the same class at the same time, for they had different flying schedules and lived at various places. So, there was a limitation regarding the presentation. All the more, it was uninspiring.

Things changed drastically when the training was converted from classroom to computer-based. An online training program is a convenient option because it can accommodate every trainee with their training issues. Modernizing the training department has been advantageous unequivocally.

About the Training

The training attempts to move out of the classroom and deliver top-rated interactive training courses at a budget price. The sessions are designed to meet F.A.A. training (135.329, 135.331, and 135.503) and testing equipment (135.293). With the advent of this, activity is no longer confined to a training room. Interested people can find the details of complete courses over the internet. The C.T.S. courses are iPad compatible, making the training easily accessible with mobile-friendly technology. People can navigate their assigned curriculum from home, the pilot lounge, or the hotel.

One can utilize the system to delegate initial and recurrent training templates. People who want to enjoy solo offers can include a Flight Operations Manual or customized General Operations Manual subject dedicated to the operation. Users can allow us to modify any of the existing courses to incorporate custom content. C.T.S. welcomes recommendations regarding training from users.

Training vendor is a highly preferable option for carrying aircraft operators across the globe.

Operator-certified Preparation of Part 135 Air Carrier

One can access Computer Training Systems for online courses or online training for FAR Part 135 Indoc Training. It endeavors to meet any training requirement with the best possible equipment.

Numerous pilots find the online training center reliable to get the web courses they require and keep their certificates relevant and updated for aviation. The online program’s library and services act as the instructor to conduct any training session.

Courses include

  • Part 135 fixed-wing
  • Part 135 helicopter
  • Part 135 helicopter VFR

Candidates must review safety protocol, operation, and informational courses for getting admission to the Part 135 training.


C.T.S. has been providing services for the last 30 years with Part 135 training consisting of client-selected subjects. The comprehensive learning program combines experience and technology to meet the specific training requirements.

Online aviation training is customized to save both time and money. It aims to match OpSpecs and GOM.

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