Look outside your window, the world has been sucked into the invisible web. I mean, there’s no denying that it’s caught all our hearts and attention. You see, it’s managed to position itself as an opportunity for engagement, discovery and, reach and by so doing it made itself indispensable. It has the world is on is feet, with platforms such as Facebook hosting over 80 million small and medium-sized business Pages on its network. Though that isn’t where it ends, because social networks such as this particular one often introduce rapid changes to the functions of the framework of the platform. So clearly running a business in today’s time, is more intense than it was a couple of years ago.

These improvements are complex, countless, and endless, with Chatbots being the recent talk of the town. ‘We’ll break it down this way.  Chatbots are primarily responsible for providing your visitors with answers in your absence. Should we say that again? ‘We’ll do it anyway. Chatbots are there to liaise with your customers when you can’t!  They ensure a speedy buyer’s journey, they reduce customer service costs and boost the value of each order.

Okay, I guess we’ll also have to acknowledge that you ‘aren’t a professional developer, and in doing so we’ll provide you with a few tips on how to use Chatbots technology as a small business means you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Chatbots and Why Small Business Should Use Them:

1# Personalise Customer Engagement

Inboxes and interactive chats will frequently give your customers a sense that your brand can personally reach out and attend to their needs. It will be as if you’re right there. When introducing this function, go specifically for the 1-800-Flowers Assistant. It assists customers from the beginning of their buying process to finally placing their order.

Note: The magic rests in the scripting, so script it well, make it personal and let your brand persona come alive!

2# They Allow You to Be Everywhere!

You know you ‘can’t always be there; however, we come bearing good news! As a small business owner, ‘you’ll no longer wish you could place replicas of yourself at every stop of your business, this for you is the exact point that freedom meets empowerment, and where the saying money never sleeps genuinely lives. Chatbots, have evaded all human limitation, in terms of time and capability. In closing, we’ll say they will be there when you can’t!

3# Multi-functional

Chatbots will work for any business no matter its complexity or simplicity, and what’s even more exciting is the fact that they can be trained to do almost anything. Which is why you should look to them for business assistance. We don’t have to mention it, but doing so will obviously go a long way in making customer engagement a priority.  In truth, the fact that these Chatbots can perform multiple and complex tasks simply means you can employ less stuff, while not compromising on customer engagement and satisfaction on your digital channels.  Remember, customers, are looking for immediate responses. A second too long could result in a decrease in sales and credibility.

4#They’re Super Inexpensive

Yes, it all sounds exceptionally fancy, plus the technology is said to be complicated, but the overall maintenance and development of Chatbots isn’t at all costly. I mean, yes, sure, you’ll need to bring in a professional to set it up.

Nevertheless, it will most likely cost you a lot less than having several employees on board, and for a small business, this means efficiency.  As more and more tasks can be delegated to technology as and when you need to. Remember, these Bots are built to address specific customer queries. So while shifting your current business, you focus on various other business needs.


This tool has become like heaven for small business, you can now make use of the readily viable business technology that exists on social media platforms such as Facebook and the likes. Helping the low and average business owner to delegate some of the work that goes into giving your customers the very best when it comes to brand interaction. You can now afford yourself a break in between now and again!

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