The Transition From Legal Separation To Divorce

Often marriages don’t work out the way we imagine it. There can be rough patches in a marriage that ultimately lead to the loss of love with time. In this case, legal separation comes in handy when the spouses choose to live separately. If you are facing such an issue in your marriage, you can approach Gig harbor legal separation law firm for smooth legal separation.

While living separately, couples can think about what can be done next and try to patch it up. Often the legal separation period provides the probable solutions to married couples to think over everything and eventually save the marriage. With an increasing number of divorces being seen throughout the globe, legal separation is the best way to take things forward while keeping the hope for a patch up alive.

What is a legal separation?

The concept of marriage has existed for thousands of years, spreading over every civilization and ultimately taking its modern form in the nation-states. With the advent of the rule of contemporary law, the terms and conditions of marriage have evolved for better keeping in mind the trends in gender relationships. Legal separation is one such wonder of the modern legal system that spouses can look to when a marriage is not going well.

According to Gig harbor legal separation law firm, a legal separation is a mutual agreement where the spouses agree to live separately. They carry both physical and financial independence for the time being. Under this arrangement, they are still married and will need to get a divorce to remarry.

Advantages of Legal Separation over Divorce

Couples usually opt for legal separation as an alternative to divorce for many reasons, which may include:

  • Most of the religion consider marriage as a divine bond and look down on divorce as a blasphemy. Religious spouses often opt for legal separation rather than divorce for this reason.
  • Children are the ones who suffer the most during a divorce. For the sake of the children, legal separation is better than divorce as it keeps the family intact legally.
  • Divorce comes with a social stigma; many couples avoid getting divorced to avoid this use.
  • Divorce will bring an end to well-maintained health insurance and other such benefits.
  • The marriage can eventually be saved.


From Legal Separation To Divorce

During the separation period, both spouses have the right to file for a divorce. Separation can also be called a trial run for divorce, and if any of the spouses decide to go for a divorce, then the legal separation agreement can simplify it. The legal separation agreement will address the same issue that would as divorce that includes parental responsibilities, support, and parenting time. With these issues resolved in advance in the separation agreement, divorce ultimately becomes hassle-free.

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, you must seek legal counselors with expertise in separation. They will give a better understanding of the process with hassle-free solutions.

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