This festive season, gift your family a fast broadband connection!

The way we celebrate our festivals has changed over the years. We live in an online world. The world as it grows more disconnected due to several physical and intangible barriers, the internet has become an important source of staying connected.

Festivals are hard for people when they are away from their families. And why not? The sheer nostalgia or the feeling of togetherness is missed by everyone far from home. In earlier days, people would just write letters to stay connected during festivals. But today, you can simply pick your phone and video call your loved ones to be a part of their celebration. Or just go for festivals and do Instagram reels download to watch with your family together.

Be it a birthday celebration or lighting of the diyas in Diwali, now, thanks to the internet, you’re just one call away. That’s the beauty of the online world.

Now imagine you are finally ready to have the Onam Sadya together and you video call your loved one. But alas, your video is lagged, and audio doesn’t sync up. Would that experience make you feel connected to your loved ones?

The whole point of an online video conference is to feel like you are present in the room with your family or loved ones. But poor internet connection can spoil such a beautiful experience. So, what can you do? Either spend all your festivals at home (which is usually not possible due to our hectic and moving schedules) or just get a good broadband connection for yourself and your family!

A high-speed broadband connection for staying connected 24×7

Often, we consider installing an internet connection citing work or education related reasons. But we think staying connected with your family on a festival is a good enough reason to get a fast broadband connection for your home.

How to choose the best broadband connection for my home?

A broadband connection doesn’t just need to be fast. It also needs to be stable and functional under any weather conditions. You might have heard people experiencing poor internet connection due to bad weather like rains or storms in their area. That is because people don’t usually put much thought before choosing an ISP.

Users just google broadband connection near me and choose the first operator offering high speed. That results in them ending up with a poor internet connection. You need to keep the following pointers in mind to choose the best broadband connection for yourself.

  • Analyse your data needs and compare the ISP packages accordingly. If you collectively use 50 GB of data as a family, convey this need to the ISP to get the best possible rate.
  • Every activity done online requires different internet speed. For instance, casual surfing on the internet just requires a decent download speed. But a video conference requires both fast upload and download speed due to its continuous nature of download and upload processes.
  • Ask your ISP about the kind of technology being used for providing internet. FTTH to Fiber to Home is the best technology which provides high-speed internet even in poor weather conditions. It uses optic fiber cables to provide internet.

These are few pointers to keep in mind before opting for an ISP in your area. Happy festivals!

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