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Top five reasons why a solid wood bed is one of the best choices!

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home. That is exactly why it assumes a lot of importance when planning furniture for the bedroom. Most of us tend to get confused between the wooden frame and metal frame for the bed. Well, what would we recommend? Should you go with the solid wood beds or the metal ones?

Well, our experience speaks in favor of the solid wood beds. And we have solid reasons to prove it. Here are a few good reasons to bring home the point that solid wood beds rule the roost.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose solid wood beds

Well, if you want us to prove the fact that solid wood beds are the best when it comes to choosing the best bedroom options. Once you go through these top five reasons, we assume you would agree to our contention.

Reason 1 – Plenty of Choices

Solid wood beds come in a variety of options. No matter whether you like the traditional looks, or sophisticated/modern designs or even the antique designs, solid wood beds provide you access to almost every one of your preferred styles. One of the huge benefits you stand to gain is that you would have access to an enhanced color and finish options.

You can even choose the best options for your personal needs – a softwood or a hardwood. A hardwood look provides you access to a better finish and richer appearance. It would also offer you access to a natural and attractive look and appearance.

Reason 2 –Eco-friendly performance

Wood is the most renewable source of energy you would find on earth. The forests provide you access to a continued source of timber throughout the year. The furniture manufacturers like GoodWoodFurniture take extreme care towards ensuring a sustained availability of the wood forever.

The wood harvested for manufacturing furniture is regularly replanted. This would ideally make it one of the best options if you are checking out the options for environment friendly furniture, solid wood beds should be the prime choice. Want to have that wonderful sense of helping out nature? Using solid wood is a good start at that.

Reason 3 – Highly customizable

Wooden furniture offers you plenty of customization options. Right from a small single bed to a massive king size or queen size, you would find it available in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Make them in any kind of design you would want to.

Create your own design and opt for the best fit for all your custom size needs. It isn’t easy to customize a metal bed, but wood offers you a better degree of customization. High or low, wider or thinner – go with any of the styles that defines you and your personality.

Reason 4 –Easier Maintenance

Solid wood beds come with a natural look and appearance. In fact, the wood is a natural product and ideally does not need any high degree of maintenance. It is both easy to maintain and keep clean. You would only need to have lacquer for ensuring better protection.

Even if a solid wood bed gets damaged for any reason, it can be taken care of easily enough. Of course, you would need to choose a solid timber instead of opting for Veneer option. The veneer can be a cheaper alternative and would not be as powerful as solid wood furniture.

Reason 5 –Durability and Strength

Solid wood beds come with a high end durability and high strength. The sturdiness and reliability offered by wooden furniture can be one of the huge plus points that would make it one of the best options you would want to go with.

The solid wood furniture comes with a timber that comes from the sustainably sourced timber. The quality of the wood is ideally designed to last indefinitely. The mortise and tenon joints used on the solid wood beds and other wooden furniture ensure that you get access to an exceptionally stronger joint.

Well, those were just a few reasons that should ideally prove the fact that it would be the right option to opt for solid wood beds and other similar wooden furniture options. With those benefits under the hood, we do not think we have any reasons to explain how effective it would be to opt for solid wood beds.

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