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Everyone wants to buy furniture that looks good and lasts long while saving cash at the same time. Many people do not pay a great deal of attention when purchasing furniture until a few months later, and they realize that they need to replace the furniture again. Well, a quality piece of furniture should serve you for quite a reasonable time. In fact, many of our parent’s homes still have the same furniture pieces we grew up using, and they are still in good condition. As you check out those attractive furniture pieces on https://wwwonlyoakfurniture, factor in the following things.

The wood type

Wood furniture can either be of solid wood, particleboard, composite wood, or veneers. Solid wood makes the most expensive pieces of furniture, it looks very great, but it is also prone to scratches. Veneers refer to a less expensive wood base covered by thin layers of good quality wood. Veneer wood furniture is less costly than solid wood furniture. Composite wood and particleboard pieces come from a mixture of wood pulp, resins, plastics, and other furniture scrapes. They are the cheapest type of furniture but may not last for long.

Examine the drawers and cabinets

If the furniture includes some drawers or cabinets, examine them by opening and shutting them. Ensure the drawer opens fully, latches out properly, and closes well. It is better if the doors open and remain that way instead of snapping back as you try to get something. Also, ensure the handles and knobs are strong enough.

Factor in your lifestyle

When choosing furniture, consider your lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets such as a cat that likes scratching on everything in the house, you need sofas that won’t tear easily. If you have kids who like jumping around and staining everything, go for furniture with dark colors and strong materials such as tweed or linen.

Be realistic when it comes to colors.

When it comes to the furniture colors, be realistic. For instance, once you go blue, you have to ensure all other decor items suit that color. If you are buying expensive furniture, choose neutral colors, and then you can accessorize with bold or bright colors.

Check the legs

Examine the legs to ensure they are joined to the sofa or chair frame but not nailed. The legs should be heavy and robust. Also, check to see if they are capable of tearing up your floors. Many expensive pieces of furniture come with a fifth leg in the middle for extra support.

Examine the springs

Before you decide on buying the furniture, remove the cushions and push down the sofa. The springs should press down and spring back up with ease.

Test the cushions

Sit on the cushions to ensure they are firm. Also, they should have a removable cover that you can clean from time to time. If possible, go for covers with different patterns on either side so you can flip them from time to time to change the decor.

Please don’t rule out used furniture before examining it.

You can get an excellent piece of used furniture at half the price of a brand new one. That is great if you are on a budget. But inspect the furniture, sit on it, look for stains, watermarks, scratches, rips and ensure it is in good condition before purchasing it.

The final words

Negotiate furniture prices. You may be lucky to get free throw pillows or an extra furniture piece.

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