What Are Fashionista Sunglasses Exactly?

Run a Google search on the term ‘fashionista sunglasses’ and you will discover no shortage of websites to visit. Fashionista sunglasses are a thing. But what are they, exactly? Are they a specific style or genre? Are they fashionista because they come from brand-name designers? Do they offer a certain look? Yes, yes, and yes.

The fashionista category is purposely vague and wide open. Unlike many other categories of eyewear, this category is defined by current fashion trends. Therefore, it isn’t just one kind of design. It is whatever happens to be hot at the moment, as exemplified by the fashion world elite.

The Dictionary Definition

Olympic Eyewear is a U.S.-based sunglasses wholesaler known to distribute a complete line of fashionista sunglasses. Their designers say the best way to understand the fashionista category is to begin with the definition of the word itself.

‘Fashionista’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest fashions.” If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the word is actually a noun rather than an adjective. So fashionista sunglasses are sunglasses that would normally be worn by fashionistas. Do you see where this is going?

Your Fashionista of Record

Let us take this to the next level by just assuming you consider yourself a fashionista. You may not design or promote all the latest fashions, but you certainly do follow them. You even buy the latest fashions when your budget allows. So here’s a question: who is your fashionista of record?

Who is that one person you look to as an example of what modern fashion should be? Maybe there is more than one person. Perhaps you have three or four people you pay attention to. Whatever the case, pay attention to the sunglasses they wear.

Your typical professional fashionista is somehow involved in the fashion industry directly. You are talking models, designers, photographers, etc. What do they wear on their faces? Suffice it to say that these people would never be caught in yesterday’s fashions. They are up on the latest trends and not afraid to wear them.

What They Wear is Fashionista

This understanding of who and what a fashionista is should make it clear what fashionista sunglasses actually are. They are whatever sunglasses happen to be hot among the fashion set. Right now, that means sunglasses with oversized frames and interesting color schemes. Imagine a pair of light brown wayfarers with oversized frames and smoke brown lenses.

Another example would be a pair of white-framed ovals with smoky gray lenses. White just happens to be in right now among the fashion set. If that is not your thing, tortoiseshell wayfarers with gray lenses also fit the fashionista bill.

In some circles, it is all about color. Maybe your fashionistas of record are sporting yellow lenses in silver frames or amber lenses in yellow frames. Both work. Perhaps your fashion trendsetters are all about 1990s glam and bright red cat eyes.

There Are No Rules

Perhaps you have noticed the fact that there are no rules when it comes to fashionista sunglasses. Indeed, there are no fashionista rules whatsoever. Whatever is hot among the fashion mavens of the day qualifies as fashionista – whether you are talking sunglasses, dresses, tops, or jewelry.

The best thing about this particular category is that it never goes out of style. By its nature, it is style in all of its current glory. Perhaps that’s why being a fashionista is so attractive. You always get to be on the cutting edge with your fashion choices. That is not a bad place to be.

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