What challenges does your car encounter in the dryer months?

We think more about car care during the winter months when it is raining, snowy or icy out. After all, we are well aware of the corrosion that salt spread on the road can bring to your bodywork and the way extreme cold can delay your auto from starting in the morning. Most people tend to forget about car maintenance when the icy conditions have gone, and the temperature begins to climb. That is a mistake though as there are lots of challenges that your car faces still during these periods. Being aware of the potential issues that could arise in the hotter months means that you can prepare for them and avoid your car breaking down.

But what are the most common to keep an eye out for?

Dust and grime hammering the looks

Although winter snow or ice is bad for your car’s looks, there are still some dangers during the dryer months. Chief among this is dust which can really harm the aesthetic of your auto and make it look less than impressive. After all, it is not that great an entrance to make when your car has a film of grime or dust all over it!

While this is pretty hard to avoid when driving in the summer months, it does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Tire gel coating for your tires is one thing that will help your car look great and it is simple to apply. Of course, you should also wash your auto regularly over the dry months to get rid of dust. It is also worth using products to shine and seal paintwork, too, so dust does not become a big issue.

Bright sunlight

Another problem during the dry months is bright sunlight affecting your car’s paintwork. During summer, the harsh rays of the sun can take a real toll on paintwork. Over time, with no detailing products in place to protect it, this can cause the color to fade. This then lowers the resale value when you come to sell in the future. It is not only the outside of your car which is at risk – your interior can also fade by being exposed to bright, direct sunlight. The best method to protect your seats and dashboard is to park out of direct sunlight and also to use seat covers.

Tires come under more strain

You might not realize this but dryer, hotter months can put extra strain on your car’s tires. This is especially true if you do not keep an eye on the pressures and drive around with them underinflated. Tires which do not have enough air in can be at risk of failure when combined with hotter temperatures. This makes blowouts or punctures an issue to be on guard against when motoring in the summertime. The obvious solution is to make sure you have the right pressure in your tires to help them cope when they are really hot.

Battery failure

As with a lot of car maintenance issues, it is tempting to think that battery problems are something to ignore until winter. This is simply not true though! Dryer weather usually brings higher temperatures which can hinder the proper working of your car battery. The other issue in dryer months is that air conditioning is used far more which puts extra strain on the battery. A good tip is to have your battery checked before the dryer spell arrives so you know it will cope with extra demands.

Cooling system issues

One well-known issue for any car in the hotter months is the possibility of the engine overheating. We have all seen motorists parked up at the side of the road with steam coming out from under the hood of their vehicle. Even in the hot months, the coolant that the system sends around your engine is vital to stop it from getting too hot. If the system itself is not working properly, that can cause the engine to get too hot and fail. Make sure you check out that you have enough good quality coolant in the system before driving in the dryer, hotter months of the year.

Dry, hot months are a challenge for autos

While you may not think it is the case, the fact is that driving around when it is dry and hot can play havoc with your car. Cars are finely tuned machines and do not enjoy getting too hot anymore than they like being too cold. When you add in how dust can affect a car’s look and condition, then it is easy to see why doing what you can to look after your car is so important.





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