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What evidence will a car accident attorney need?

At some point in your life, the lows may hit you through an accident, and you’ll need a car accident attorney to present your case. Among the many reasons why you’ll need a lawyer is to fight for your rights, medical bills, and compensation.

When you approach a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer, you’ll need to support his cause in every means possible, including furnishing him with the necessary documents and material evidence. A reasonable attorney will use the same to lodge a water-tight claim that will see increasing the odds of eventually winning.

Here is a list of documents that will suffice for material evidence to support your claim:

  • Medical records

Often, insurance companies will always need a doctor’s report that shows proof of injury treatment. Included in this, you’ll also need an assessment report from a medical officer immediately after the accident. In disability cases, the doctor may need to sign an affidavit to demonstrate the severity of the injuries, which led to incapacitation.

  • Insurance policy

An insurance policy will give your attorney the right angle of approaching allowed compensations and claims as per the terms. To support an insurance cover and make it valid, you’ll also need to avail records that show proof of premium payments. For instance, you can provide bank statements or mobile money statements, whichever is updated accordingly to reflect the year when the accident occurred.

  • Photographs

If you didn’t get hurt badly, you would have probably filmed the accident scene before police and emergency response teams showed up. If not so, then there is a likelihood that someone who reached the scene first documented the images in the form of pictures. Well, if there is any, your injury attorney will need the same to reconstruct the accident scene.

  • Witness statements

You availing written witness statements to the attorney might not be possible as the police are the ones to record statements. However, you can always help the attorney to locate some potential material witnesses that may be key when you move to court. From there, he can prepare them to swear in affidavits, which can suffice as hard material evidence. Moreover, if you get a reputable lawyer with a reliable experience, he can work his way out and obtain the statements directly from the police.

  • Psychological records

Finally, a battery of lawyers from the insurance side will need proof that you were purely sane at the time of accident occurrence or thereabout. The attorney may also need to prove that you weren’t under the influence of any narcotics or intoxicants. To prove that, you’ll need to furnish him with psychological records and doctor’s examination report on a material day. When the fault is not yours, and you facilitate access to legitimate documents that affirm the same, then you’ll sure deserve justice.

Having documents similar to the above ones will put you at an upper edge when defending your claim. When you happen to cause or get involved in an accident, kindly make sure that you have them to ease your attorney’s work.

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