What is the Quickest Way to Get a Divorce in Wisconsin?

The quickest way to get a divorce in Wisconsin is to go for a DIY divorce. Wisconsin is one of the states that have no-fault divorce laws, which means you can sue for a divorce without your spouse having to admit fault in the split. In Wisconsin, this method might save you as much as 60% on the cost of your divorce, but it also means a lot more work than with a traditional case.

The DIY process typically involves filing paperwork with the court and getting a judge to sign off on proceedings. If your wife or husband refuses, you’ll need to hire an attorney or call one in on your behalf of yourself. You can find an attorney near you easily by searching for “family lawyer near me” in the search engine on your phone. When hiring an attorney, be sure to ask how much time they spend on divorce cases and what their experience level is.

Note that if you want to fight for custody or child support payments or alimony during your divorce, hiring an attorney will likely make sense. A lawyer can not only help protect your rights but also help set you up for success financially after the finalization of your divorce.

What is the Role of a Family Lawyer in DIY Divorce?

In a DIY divorce, it is often very appropriate to hire an attorney, though you could be on your own if you are seeking sole custody of your children. For divorce without custody or child support, though, it is much more difficult to get along without an attorney. So, you better seek legal assistance from a law firm or lawyer even if you are going for a DIY divorce.

In order to get a DIY divorce, you’ll need to bring all of the evidence you have gathered together and organize it in a way that it can be presented to a judge. Your attorney will review the evidence with you, but if you want to try this route, you must be both on the same page about how much time and energy the process is going to take.

As you can see, getting divorced with no attorneys cost less overall and are not to be sneezed at, but they also do not guarantee a quick or easy outcome.

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