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Who Is Responsible for a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Being involved in an accident can be scary and stressful. However, if you are in a multi-vehicle collision, it makes a confusing situation even more complex.

You may face serious financial damages caused by expensive medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle damage repairs. While you may have the right to recover compensation for these costs and your losses, it’s important to understand how multi-vehicle accident claims are handled.

After a multi-vehicle accident, it’s wise to contact a car accident lawyer in Chicago for assistance. They can provide more information and insight into your situation and your right to receive compensation.

Determining Liability in a Chicago Multi-Vehicle Accident

Determining liability for a multi-vehicle accident is the first step in recovering compensation for your losses. In two-vehicle accidents, victims can file a claim against the at-fault driver or their insurance company. Usually, this is a simple and straightforward process; however, there may be some complications if liability for the accident is contested.

With multi-vehicle collisions, the process is slightly different. A crash like this is often “messy,” and since multiple parties are involved, it can take significant time to sort out all the details. It can be challenging to determine the first error that resulted in the chain reaction and other actions that led to the accident’s severity. It’s best to leave the determination of liability to your Chicago personal injury attorney. They have handled cases like this in the past and can provide you with the most accurate information regarding your incident.

To file your car accident claim properly, it’s necessary to know who was responsible (this may be one or multiple drivers). In Illinois, the law recognizes that the actions of one or more parties may have caused or contributed to the event. When dealing with multi-vehicle accident claims, the comparative negligence laws in Illinois are an important element to consider.

Comparative Negligence Laws in Chicago

A comparative negligence law is followed in Chicago and all of Illinois to handle multi-vehicle accident claims. This means that even if you are found partially at fault for the incident, you can still receive compensation. However, you cannot be more than 50% at fault. If you are, then you do not have the legal right to file a claim and receive compensation.

The percentage you are found to be at fault will reduce the compensation you receive. If you are found 25% at fault and receive a settlement of $100,000, it will be reduced by 25%, and you will receive $75,000 instead.

When involved in an accident with multiple vehicles, there could be several parties who have suffered damages. Because of this, there may be several claims filed. Only those who are found to be under 50% at fault can recover compensation.

Recovering the Compensation You Deserve After a Chicago Multi-Car Accident

If you are involved in a multi-car accident, it is recommended that you hire a Chicago personal injury attorney immediately. They can review the facts of your case and work to help you recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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