Why Training Your Dog Should Not Be A Time Consuming Effort      

   Starting off on the right foot with your canine

Whether your training a young puppy or a year seasoned dog, it’s never too late to teach your poop some new tricks. Training is not only a great way to spend time with your dog, but it helps to exercise their mind and body; as well as build a strong bond between yourself and them.

Dogs have been a constant companion of mankind since the times of the caveman. A companionship didn’t just happen overnight, it takes years and centuries of both of our species learning to work together to develop the amazing connection we get the benefit of having now.

Best Dog Training in Houston is here to help start on the right foot. With a list of 10 of what we think are the essential tips and tricks for a successful relationship; one that will last for years to come.

  1. It’s all in the name.

Your pooches name is the cornerstone of who they are. So pick a name that fits them as well as you is very important.

A few things to keep in mind is how dogs learn. Venture towards names with letters like T, V, and M. These give a harsh sound when spoken, ex Max. the M and X are emphasized so the dog is more likely to pick up those sounds faster. Softer sounding names are harder to learn.

  1. Don’t skip on the basics

There are 4 commands that every dog SHOULD know. Come being the most important, a solid recall can save your dog’s life one day. Sit, Down, and Stay are the other ones that are the basic essentials.

  1. Consistency is Key

If this is your first puppy then have a house meeting. Sit down and have EVERY member in the house talk about ground rules; what is, and isn’t ok for the puppy when they arrive. Having everyone on the same page, and not having one person break from those rules EVER will set not only you but puppy up for success from day one.

4.Home sweet home

Set up a space that’s just for the dog. Whether it be a crate/kennel, or a blanket laid on the floor. This will help to potty train; as dogs don’t like to pee in their house, as well as make the puppy feel at home.

5.Leash training

There will come a time in your dog’s life where he’ll probably be placed on a leash, either for a vet visit or even go out for a lecture run. So we recommend starting early. Because there’s nothing harder to walk then a 100lbs Great Dane that’s never been on a leash.

6.Socialize, socialize, socialize

I can’t stress this enough to you. After your puppy has all of its shots get your dog out there. Expose them to as many situations or experiences as possible, including other dogs.

7.Reward good behavior

Your dog lives to please you; they will, in turn, do anything to get your attention, including bad things. So don’t forget to pay extra attention to good behaviors too. It doesn’t have to be a physical treat, even something like super happy pets and loving will do the trick.

8.Positive training

Dogs respond amazingly to positive upbeat training. Even when the task you are asking them to do is hard, and requires a lot of thinking, ALWAYS end on a positive note. Take a step back to a time in the training when they were getting it, and do that a few times before ending the hard task.

9.Bad days, not bad dog

Just like us dogs have emotions. They have good days and bad days. So if your dog is having a bad day it’s ok. Just take the day off and let them be, they’ll snap out of it


If you are struggling with training don’t be afraid to seek out a professional. Veterinarians and Trainers, Groomers and breeders are all people that have years of experience with canines. They are here to help you succeed.

The biggest piece of advice we can give you from Best Dog Training in Houston is to have fun, laugh a little and relax.

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