Why You Shouldn’t Delay Medical Treatment after an Accident in White Plains

Vehicle accidents are unpleasant. After all, the resulting injuries are often physically debilitating, emotionally devastating, and in worst cases, fatal. Accidents affect virtually everyone in some way-at-fault driver, the victim, family members, and witnesses. If you’re an accident victim in White Plains, New York, your case could take 4-6 months if it’s straightforward. However, if it needs litigation, it could take between 18 months and two years to resolve your case.

In cases of considerable physical injury, medical costs pile up fast, and property must undergo repair. Keep in mind that locating the appropriate accident lawyer could break or make your case. You’d have to locate an experienced law firm such as to handle your case.

Collaborating with a skilled White Plains Car Accident Lawyer will protect your interests while helping you secure the deserved compensation for your medical costs, suffering, and lost wages. If you’re uncertain about whether to inform your insurer of a vehicle accident, check this out.

Knowing Whether to Inform Your Insurer of a Vehicle Accident in White Plains

You’ll want to inform your insurance company to acquire your no-fault benefits and other benefits you might be eligible for under your insurance policy. This will allow your insurer to begin their investigation and probably seek compensation or subrogation from the other party based on the circumstance.

The injured party will inform the other driver’s insurer based on particular circumstances. If you suspect the other driver hasn’t informed his carrier, you should inform them or have your White Plains Accident Lawyer inform them.

What to Expect if You Delay Medical Treatment After an Accident

It’s not unusual for people to begin feeling pain, especially neck, shoulder, and back pain after an auto accident. At times, the initial trauma doesn’t cause pain immediately. This in no way prevents you from filing a lawsuit or claim. In this instance, the first thing you should do is obtain the necessary treatment and don’t hesitate to seek a claim simply because the pain began one or two days later.

Remember, treatment gaps can affect your accident claim. Gaps are those periods where you stop your treatment only to return later. This could affect your case and possibly reduce its value. You should obtain the recommended treatment and avoid missing your appointments.

You want to prove to the other party that your injuries need treatment and that you don’t have anything to do with the injury worsening or not getting appropriate treatment. If you undergo treatment for a month and stop only to start again, it can be challenging to relate the injury to the accident.

How to Obtain Compensation if You’re Partially Responsible for the Accident

If you’re found partially responsible for the auto accident in White Plains, NY, then your awarded damages will decrease accordingly. Overall, the kinds of damages that you might receive in your case include lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and suffering.

Unlike other states, New York doesn’t restrict the amount of suffering and pain damages that you might receive. Conversely, if you die afterward or during the accident, the case changes from an auto accident to wrongful death, in which case the court might award damages to your family.

In such a case, no-fault insurance will pay a separate funeral benefit to your estate. Your estate could potentially recover other damages because of your death, including a monetary loss to your family. In addition, your estate might qualify to recover damages for any dread of impending death that you felt before your demise.

Retaining an attorney’s services is perhaps one of the most significant things you could do after an accident. If you need an attorney to help alleviate your recovery, the lawyers at Injured 914 are committed to handling your case professionally.

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